How Stupid is E. J. Dionne, Anyway? And Just How Lazy is This Paid ‘Professional Columnist’?

09 Apr

It has been generally accepted that President Obama egregiously overstepped his bounds when he tried to bully the Supreme Court last week, using idiotic words like ‘unprecedented’ and ‘judicial activism’ when faced with the realiztion that his beloved Obamacare might just be hideously and indefensibly unconstitutional, right?


Well, not for Washington Post scribbler E. J. Dionne. Investors Business Daily just published Dionne’s latest Slop-Ed piece, entitled ‘Obama Decides He Won’t Be a Wimp and Takes on the Supreme Court’, a work of such idiocy that it bears sharing.

The first sentence is laughable on its face…

Conservatives are not accustomed to being on the defensive.

Seriously dude?

Entire books have been written about the defensiveness conservatives revert to because of the relentless, withering assaults they are subjected to from all corners of the leftist attack machine, from the Democratic party to their sock puppets in the legacy media, Soros financed political operations like MoveOn and DailyKos, to pop culture, to the indoctrination machine of the education mafia, to the professional poverty pimps and race hustlers, to the vayjayjay syndicate.

Ever heard of, say, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Paul Ryan, Governor Scott Walker, or Glenn Beck… I could fill paragraph after paragraph with nothing but people and incidents of personal attacks, physical attacks, assaults to free speech, successful and unsuccessful operations to remove people from the air waves or to simply destroy their image, and much, much more. The left are a vicious group of haters. Period.

The left has been in the professional conservative and/or Republican headhunting business since before the days of Richard Nixon, and if, by chance, they actually find something on a conservative, real or not, the left become like piranha, slashing, chewing, biting until the prey is consumed.

So either Mr. Dionne is woefully uninformed, which I doubt because he’s been a participant in such attacks in the past, or he is lazily glossing over inconvenient things that muddy up his narrative.

Dude. We conservatives are always being put on the defensive, although I would suggest that this is never a winning formulation and that conservatives under attack should attack back twice as ferociously.

They have long experience with attacking the evils of the left and the abuses of activist judges. They love to assail “tax-and-spend liberals” without ever discussing who should be taxed or what government money is actually spent on. They expect their progressive opponents to be wimpy and apologetic.

I would describe progressive opponents as a lot of things, but wimpy and apologetic don’t come to mind. Shameless brazen liars does come to mine, however. Are we to believe that professional snarling rabid dogs like Barack Obama, Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin, and that chick from Florida with the mayonnaise in her hair, what’s her name? Debbie Washerwoman Scultz are victims?

The difference between what conservatives attack….policy….and what progressive/liberals attack…people… bears noting, don’t you think, Mr. Lazybones? You don’t see a difference between dissembling bad policy vs. faking Texas Air National Guard records? Or pushing a story that Sarah Palin’s son, Trig, was not her own but was the bastard child of her daughter?

Please spare me. Your posse never apologize for anything, including the well documented crimes against vast swaths of society that you’ve perpetrated against them. You all are loud and obnoxious defenders of the indefensible and reveal yourselves to be vicious dumpster divers, trolling the depths of our society for victims to exploit, pitting one group of society against another, erecting strawmen and villains, causing racial strife, class envy, and anti-religionism.

Your finger wagging, scold of a president is Exhibit A.

Let’s move on to paragraph 3, shall we?

So imagine the shock when President Obama decided last week to speak plainly about what a Supreme Court decision throwing out the health care law would mean, and then landed straight shots against the Mitt Romney-supported Paul Ryan budget as “a Trojan Horse,” “an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country” and “thinly veiled social Darwinism.”

What would throwing out the health care bill mean exactly, skippy? That the government couldn’t force me into a contract with a third party against my will? That the government couldn’t fine me or jail me if I refused to participate? Would you even stop to consider that the ultimate Trojan Horse is the president’s own health care plan, a stealth mechanism that makes every citizen subservient to government, a spoof that would regulate every aspect of life and steal the last of our liberties? A vehicle designed to deceive the citizenry into its embrace before ultimately planting the death kiss that enslaves them. That a minority of people pulled the Obama Trojan Horse into the White House still saddens and worries me. Maybe America is a stupid as E. J. Dionne. God forbid it. Furthermore, nobody has imposed a more radical agenda on this country than your lover boy, Barack Hussein Obama, E. J.

Dude. Can you actually write all of this with a straight face? As for Darwinism, ain’t you lefties the proponents of the theory of evolution and the survival of the fittest vision to explain the present state of all living things? Don’t you chide us to not feed wild animals so that they develop the necessary survival skills of foraging for their own food, all the while encouraging more and more American humans to eat out of your hands?

E. J. Dionne is either nothing but an apologist for the Obamunism movement looking to secure his place in the budding dictatorship or he’s just lazy. Since he’s a Democrat I suspect he’s a bit of both.

I could go on, but why have all the fun myself? This is the laziest and most indefensible defense of this president to date and you really should go out to the post and read the rest of this public celebration of this bedwetter, girlyman, sissypants president who Dionne thinks just formed his first fist, or something.




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4 responses to “How Stupid is E. J. Dionne, Anyway? And Just How Lazy is This Paid ‘Professional Columnist’?

  1. Saddlesore

    April 9, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    E.J. Dionne is a good example of what psychologists describe as “projection”, i.e. assigning to someone else one’s one characteristics or behavior. That is especially true in what he says about conservatives not being used to being on the defensive. Think about it; it is liberals who are not used to being on the defensive. Dionne is projecting. He has good reason to be concerned about liberals being on the defensive. Since they know what they have done to conservatives, they have ample reason to fear a dose of their own medicine.

    • P. Henry Saddleburr

      April 9, 2012 at 10:47 pm

      That this man actually gets paid a salary to write such tripe annoys me beyond description. I really can’t decide if this man is this stupid or blinded by his obamagasm or intentionally deflecting. It may be all of the above.

      The entire article is hideous.

      I think it’s time for a coordinated movement to hit this man’s comments section daily until November.

    • Deadman

      April 10, 2012 at 8:00 pm

      You’re right about projection, and that explains why Obama—the ultimate strawman—constantly creates strawmen to calumniate.
      Over at the New Republic, Jonathan Cohn manfully defends Obama’s egregious stupidity by submitting that Obama says “the sort of thing politicians say all the time”, by conceding Obama got a few facts wrong, but so it goes, by assuming that “Obama, a graduate of Harvard Law School, is aware of [various] facts”, and by stoutly maintaining that what is readily apparent to any sensible person—that the U.S. president is a nincompoop who spoke stupid, indefensible nonsense—is false, arguing that his statements were really clever and insightful. Yes, Obama was actually arguing something else, along different lines, on another issue which everyone else was too thick to notice! We must accept that the man’s a genius though, strangely, one who looks rather stupid without Dionne and Cohn’s contorted exegesis.

      • P. Henry Saddleburr

        April 10, 2012 at 9:21 pm

        The man child kills me all the time, but his response to the criticism about his Supreme Court attack is that he’s a genius speaking in genius-legal shorthand and you’re too stupid to understand him. Of course he knows that the Supreme Court’s purpose is to review laws for the constitutionality and of course he knows that laws are overturned, you imbeciles.

        Was there ever such an arrogant ass?

        I recommend we do everything in our power to make sure Obama gets onto the well paid speakers tour and celebrity golf outings as quickly as possible.


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