The Mandatory Mitt-Infused Demoralization Post

22 Mar

It was obvious to the American people early on that Barack Obama was a disaster, an America hating sociopath, hell bent on destroying the country and reformulating the basic pillars of our society into a socialist nation, which requires the rejection of our Constitution.

Obama and the Democrats’ policies were the catalysts for the Tea Party uprising against the malfeasances and usurpations by our increasingly tyrannical government.

Yes. Usurpations. Just like the usurpations of King George III, as cataloged by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Only worse.

Uprisings are unconventional things for normal Americans. And uprisings have never been taken lightly by those that do the rising up. That normal Americans rose up in high dudgeon and in such enormous numbers across the country speaks volumes. I’m not talking about Obama’s professionally led (and sometimes paid) grievance mongers clamoring for free swag, like the Occupiers. I’m talking about normal Americans. Conservative Americans. Or more accurately, majority Americans.

We spend our lives working, providing for our families, playing by the rules and not making much noise.

Americans don’t have much time for Tea Partying.

But we continue to be totally pissed off at the body politic that is taking us down the road to hell.

The Conservative uprising in 2009 resulted in Governors like Bob McDonnell and Attorneys General like Ken Cuccinelli, who will be going face to face with president Obama at the Supreme Court next week fighting Obamacare, incidentally.

In 2010, this uprising flipped the Congress, many statehouses, governorships and rippled through every level of government, from stem to stern.

In 2011 it flipped the Virgina Senate, as well.

So you see, just like the orignal Tea Party patriots, we modern day Tea Party patriots didn’t continue to toss tea into Boston Harbor, we became Minute Men. Most of us have moved on from symbolic demonstrations to local Republican Party participants, trying to persuade our local Republican Committees that the ideas of the Founders are the most meritorious and to demand accountability of our elected representatives.

But quite frankly, it never even occurred to me, or most Americans for that matter, that Republicans could so totally screw up this nomination process by creating an environment of exclusion and party protectionism so as to alienate the base of the conservative movement. I was hoping for better outcomes and more acceptance, but I was merely being naive.

The Republican party is a machine. A machine not unlike the Whig Party machine. That they would ignore the will of the people, exclude people from the process like they did in Virginia and engineer the nomination of a guy like BigGuvMitt ain’t working for me and that the party embraces this scorched earth candidate is disturbing to the point of alienation.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of Comrade Obama. But as for the future of the Republican Party…I don’t see where we have much to build upon.


2 responses to “The Mandatory Mitt-Infused Demoralization Post

  1. firebrand

    March 22, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    I am not following your thinking here?
    The moderate gets more votes and delegates than any one conservative candidate, how it that their fault??
    Seems to me we had some interesting conservative candidates but with very colorful backgrounds, we did not coalesce around any one candidate.
    So share with me why the “machine” is to blame.

    • P. Henry Saddleburr

      March 22, 2012 at 4:47 pm

      I thought it interesting that here in Virginia there was no announcement at the local committee levels of the signature threshhold required to get candidates on the ballot. For us newcomers to politics, I think it would have been best to have known this well in advance and to have sign up sheets for every candidate at every meeting.

      I also don’t like that guys like McDonnell and Bolling are just fine with this onerous threshhold as it currently stands. That I didn’t have a viable choice at the ballot box makes me feel the game is rigged to favor establishment favorites. And I don’t see that anyone in the General Assembly is offering up legislation to try to fix it.

      It is immensely disappointing that of all of the great people who could be running against Obama, we’ve got another squish. Second squish in a row. It must not be an accident. It must be what the party bigs want.


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