Stupid Question… What is this dissin’ French Fries, anyway?

18 Mar

I love good French Fries.  And I love to vote.  But what do they have to do with one another?

When I hear these people talking about how requiring a photo ID in order to vote will cause voters to be Dissin’ French Fries makes no sense to me.

Even illegal voters love French Fries, don’t they?

Whaddaya say we leave the French Fries out of politics.

Wait a minute…. Were they saying disenfranchised

Well that’s simply idiotic.  Everybody has an ID. 

One simply can’t go through life without one.  Prescriptions, check cashing, air travel, renting a property, purchasing a property, buying a car, renting a car….well, every aspect of life requires ID.

And Democrats want us to believe what?

As I’ve said previously, if Democrats can’t cheat in elections they can’t win.

End of sentence.  End of transmission.

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Posted by on March 18, 2012 in politics


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