Interesting Observation from the Sage, Mr. Bill Whittle

16 Mar

PJ Media’s Bill Whittle always delivers insightful thoughts, artfully delivered and more instructive than 99% of modern political philosophers on the scene. He’s always thought provoking.

It got me thinking about my youth, where Americans were free and unconfined in many ways. We opened a lemonade stand as kids, which apparently is a crime nowadays if you’re not licensed. We never made any money at it. But kindly neighbors would help re-enforce the idea that initiative gets reward. There hasn’t been enough outrage about those stories of nanny state tyrants shutting down little kids lemonade stands or confiscating their home packed lunches in my opinion and I wonder whether Americans have become too docile to stand up to any government authority for fear of retribution.

I rode my bike and my skateboard without helmet or protective gear my entire life. We ejected ourselves from playground swings at the height of their forward arc.

I slid down the monkey bars upside down, which didn’t turn out well, but in spite of the preciptous and lengthy drop, the worst thing that happened was my greater respect for the laws of gravity and my lifelong wish for a prehensile tail. Man that’d be handy.

I ripped open my arm on a rusty nail that was sticking out of the tree I was climbing and there was never any thought that my parents would sue the owner of the tree. It was just stuff that happened and why wouldn’t someone assume there would be a rusty nail sticking out of a tree?

I was hit by a car when riding my bicycle illegally on the sidewalk. I just brushed myself off and kept going. I didn’t get the license number of the car that hit me but I’ll never forget that laugh as long as I live. (that’s a joke about the laugh. always loved that joke) The man who hit me was very concerned and wanted me to go to the hospital. I’d have nothing of it. I wasn’t hurt and it was my fault for riding on the sidewalk. I don’t remember the details, but I was probably not even supposed to be were I was or there’d be hell to pay back at home.

But we LIVED as free Americans and free American kids. If that happened today I’d have been surrounded by people refusing my passage until the EMTs whisked me off for a battery of tests at the hospital and social workers angling to take custody of the poor kid who was riding a bike without a helmet from my uncaring parents.

I eagerly went into child labor at the age of 12, building my own lawn mowing business with regular weekly clients and I saved my money to move from a manual mower (and by manual I mean no motor) to a power mower. Why? Because my family didn’t have any real money and I wanted to buy my own haircut rather than getting the scalp job from my dad and because I wanted to buy my own clothes and provide for my own needs. Taking control of my finances and my life helped me grow up and empowered me. It even gave me a degree of independence from my parents, which is something sorely missing in today’s America.

Mine is not an unusual American story from the 60s. I think it is today.

Sorry. I’ve gotten a bit off track with this intro, but Whittle got me longing for the America where we used to be free. Not crazy Thailand anything goes free, just your basic American freedoms that we knew when I was a kid. Before the EPA, Department of Education, Department of Energy…before CAFE standards, childproof caps, Green Energy…well…OK….there is no Green Energy. That’s just a utopian pipe dream and we know what’s in the pipe. Before the alarmist fringe that once warned of Global Cooling, then had to modify the message to Global Warming and eventually retreat to ‘unpredictable weather’ or something, but it’s all about burning carbon. Before toxic light bulbs. When ALL violent crimes were Hate Crimes, not just those committed against certain categories of people.

But enough of me. I apologize for the nostalgic rant. Blame Bill Whittle. Oh, don’t just blame him. Become a subscriber to PJTV. Good stuff like this needs financing. I only forward but a mere portion of the good stuff from PJTV onto the blog. I’m a satisfied subcriber. You will be too. Then you can get the good stuff without putting up with me.


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2 responses to “Interesting Observation from the Sage, Mr. Bill Whittle

  1. nooneofanyimport

    March 18, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Boy do I know what you mean regarding the way childhood was v. today’s landscape. Heck, kids just don’t roam free much any more. I have been so blessed to be on military bases for two duty stations in a row. In base housing, the community is run a lot more like civilian communities 30 years ago, ie, my memory of childhood, which was still more restrictive than those preceding me, of course . ..

    • P. Henry Saddleburr

      March 18, 2012 at 10:02 pm

      Don’t get me wrong. We had plenty of restrictions. But those were mostly regarding a civilized society. I got spanked. Mostly deserved. I got my mouth washed out with soap. That sucked. But I don’t think either were egregious and I mystifyingly, I love my parents to this day.

      But unless I was violating social norms I was pretty much free to do what I wished. Until the sun went down and then I was expected to be home. Period.

      I’d hate to be a kid today, but I’d hate to be the parent of a kid even more.


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