Up is Down. Left is Right. Cats and Dogs makin’ out. Bill Maher is correct and Michael Steele is still an Idiot.

10 Mar

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that Bill Maher would defend Rush Limbaugh against his critics, as it is self serving on his part, since he was nearly drummed out of the television industry back in early 2002 when he said that the American military were cowards for launching Cruise missiles while the terrorists weren’t because they actually rode in the missiles. 

But BM has actually risen to the defense of Rush Limbaugh saying, in an unkind way, that he disfavors censorship and the threat of being removed from the airwaves due to public pressure.

I did say ‘self serving’, didn’t I?

‘I Own the World’ posted this earlier and I was struck by BM’s defense of Rush, when he called Rush his BFF.  No wait, a SFF (Stupid Fat F*ck),  BM predictably continues on with his usual ‘hate conservatives’ schtick while bemoaning censorship.

What he’s missing is that censorship is a primary tool of the left.  Glenn Beck, anyone?  Always has been.  That BM nearly lost his job was due to an outcry from independent viewers towards his network, not the result of a coordinated attack by the Obama White House, Media Matters, Daily KOS or some publicity seeking lawsuit by Gloria Allred. 

That BM would actually call what Rush said a ‘disgusting sentiment’ was laughable considering that he’s called Sarah Palin the C word and the T word on his television program.  But nevermind that. 

And furthermore, that a ‘comedian’ like BM would say that Rush wasn’t funny when BM himself orbits in the universe of leftists that are self-declared ‘comics’, even though they aren’t in the least bit funny, is simply precious.  Rush doesn’t bill himself as a comic.  You do, BM.  So when does the comedy start?

Can I go off topic on that for a sec?  What words or sketches have self proclaimed ‘comics’ like Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Maher or Janeane Garofalo ever done that were funny?  I can’t think of a single thing.  I used to laugh at Margaret Cho and David Letterman back before they became dour leftist buzzkills.  But Goldberg?  Never.  Garofalo.  Sorry.  Back to topic.

 Anyway.  On the set with BM are former RNC Chair Michael Steele, former SEIU head Andy Stern, and the babbling idiot, Catherine Cryer.  Honestly, if you can make sense of what she says you win an all expenses paid trip to DTNHQ for a day.  We’ll have pancakes then make idolatrous graven images of Mitt Romney or something.

But Michael Steele pretty much showed why he is the ‘former’ RNC chairman.  Is he paid by Maher to be the black Ed McMahon?  Laugh at the jokes and not provide much else?   No rebuttal?  No context?  No….nothing?  I guess he just needs the money so he just shows up to be the ‘dumb black Republican guy that doesn’t fight back’.

OK.  I’ve kept you in suspense long enough.  Watch the video for yourself.

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Posted by on March 10, 2012 in Rush Limbaugh


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