Obama’s miserable record

02 Mar

Once the Republicans finally stop sniping at each other and select a nominee it will be time to get down to the real work of defeating Obama by articulating to the American people why he does not deserve four more years.  The Republican nominee will have to persuade a significant number of independents and democrats of this. If you liked Obama’s first term, can you imagine what a second term would do to the country?

Here is the Obama “success” story of what he has done to America. I sometimes wonder how his campaign managers can even plausibly put together a campaign for this guy. Maybe they are going to run on the platform that misery loves company.

Gas prices are approaching all time highs in the midst of an anemic economy. This is not a sign of an improving economy, a position the administration has tried to buffalo us with. This is a result of the Federal Reserve destroying the value of our dollars and Obama’s anti-petroleum policies. If you make it harder to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, if you make it harder to transport oil by killing the Keystone XL pipeline and if you slow permits for drilling on federal lands the result is going to be higher prices. I know it and you know it, and we all pay for it at the pump. Given the administration’s recent statements to Congress, apparently they like us paying more for gasoline. The party of the little guy sure is looking out for him.

The deficit is out of control. The former Senator who now pretends to be a President once accused President Bush of having deficits that were unpatriotic.  Then Senator Obama must have thought that the deficits were too small since that same former Senator has susbsequently blown the federal deficit out of the water. We need Obama out of the White House before we become Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain combined. I am pretty sure that the European Central Bank will not bail us out so we will have to solve this problem ourselves.

Obamacare is the worst peacetime expansion of federal power over our lives in American history. Remember the feminist, pro-abortion slogan from a few years back: “Our bodies, ourselves”? Well, with Obamacare no one will have control over his or her body anymore but for some reason the liberals now don’t care about that. Want a prescription? Ask a bureaucrat. Want an operation? Ask a bureaucrat. Want to see a doctor? Ask a bureaucrat. Good luck with that.

Obama is a bitter, class warfare, left-wing ideologue. He thrives on creating division, animosity and envy. Too bad he does not thrive on creating opportunity, optimism and freedom like Ronald Reagan. Most people who have jobs work for someone more affluent than themselves. That is the way the world works. If you think the government can make the economy better then you might want to revisit Ayn Rand’s magnus opus “Atlas Shrugged”. Or you might just want to look around at the wreckage caused by the public “investment” in various “green” energy companies. Lots of jobs and profits being created there, right? Great return on that investment, huh? The rich are rich enough to not have to work.  Unfortunately, if the rich don’t work, and for a lot of rich people work means creating new businesses, the little guy doesn’t have a job. No wonder unemployment is intractably high. No problem, though. The administration thinks food stamps and unemployment compensation create jobs. Gee, let’s all just stop working and then we will all have more jobs. Does that sound ridiculous? Of course, but that is what the administration wants you to believe. Do they really think we are that stupid?

Our foreign policy is a mess.  Now that we have a spineless Leader-from-behind-in-Chief Afghanistan and Pakistan love us, right? Or do they perceive our weakness and take advantage of it? The Obama administration has contained Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t taking over Egypt, either. What? Iran is still a menace and the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over Egypt? No way! How did that happen? But, President Obama reached out to the Muslim world and Hilary Clinton is Secretary of State. What happened to all the “smart power” they crowed about a few years ago? I guess it is not effective as real power, not that we will have much real power left given Obama’s cuts to the military and our nuclear forces. Time to hit that reset button again with new leadership.

And if that is not enough, just imagine what the Supreme Court will look like if he makes any more appointments. A bad law can be repealed or modified by a future Congress, but a Supreme Court decision may last forever. If Obama makes any more Supreme Court appointments future elections may end up being irrelevant. Can you say “Goodbye, Constitution”?

Keep hope alive! Regime change in 2012!

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Posted by on March 2, 2012 in politics


One response to “Obama’s miserable record

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr

    March 2, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    Thanks for cheering me up.

    In fact, I mean that. This guy is sooooo bad that picking him off should be an achievable task. If the Republicans don’t screw it up, which is a big ‘If’.


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