Republican Debate tonight

22 Feb

8pm Eastern. CNN. John King to moderate. Live stream will be available on
Since we’re down to 3 candidates (Sorry Ron Paul fans, but you’re guy isn’t a factor and a cardboard cutout on stage would serve just as well as his physical presence) and it looks like the Santorum surge is taking hold, the candidate who used to complain about not getting enough air time in the previous debates may find that he gets more air time than he cares for.

Fortunately, we’ve had quite a bit of time since the last debate, so I’m over my debate fatigue and I’m actually interested in watching this one. The question is, will the candidates spend more time going after one another or will they focus their collective ire on the real target, the Occupier-in-Chief?

Go over to PJMedia. I’m sure they’ll be live blogging it either at Tatler or at VodkaPundit.

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Posted by on February 22, 2012 in Election 2012


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