Occupy Unmasked: Green, Yellow, Red

12 Feb

This was another fascinating observation from the CPAC event that Citizens United and Andrew Breitbart held on Thursday regarding their new movie project, “Occupy Unmasked”.  As I indicated earlier, rather than approaching this from the mentality of the right, they went out and found people who were once deeply connected and embedded within the leftist movement to understand the mentality and tactics involved.

One such former leftist community organizer is Brandon Darby.  He explains that what appears to be disorganized mayhem is really very well orchestrated and not all of the players know that they are being manipulated into playing a role in a play about which they are totally unaware.

What we saw on Friday and Saturday at CPAC were mostly players from the Green Team working under orders from puppet masters. 

As the panelists were speaking, two Occupy protesters walked up to the stage and unrolled a big banner attacking Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas. Kobach is a very smart lawyer who worked at the Bush Justice Department and was elected secretary of state in 2010. He has raised the ire of liberals because of his support for common-sense election reforms like voter-ID and proof-of-citizenship requirements for individuals registering to vote, both of which were passed by the Kansas legislature.

However, Kobach has also worked on immigration issues and helped Arizona legislators draft their immigration law that has been attacked by the Obama Justice Department. That law has served as a model for many other states, such as Alabama, that have passed similar measures in the wake of the Obama administration’s non-enforcement policy. Kobach was at CPAC to speak on an immigration panel.

There was only one problem for the protesters — they were in the wrong room (LOL!). Kobach’s panel was going on elsewhere in the hotel and he was not on the panel that David Keene was moderating or the one that was about to start. When Keene told the protesters that, everyone in the room started laughing at them and they sheepishly folded up their banner and left. They apparently never made it to the actual room where Kobach was speaking.

That was obviously a puppet master FAIL executed by mindless Greenies.

Brandon Darby’s talk on Thursday made me wary that these kinds of distractions were being employed to do something even more nefarious.  Fortunately it didn’t turn out to be anymore than bluster this time.

This time. 



3 responses to “Occupy Unmasked: Green, Yellow, Red

  1. Martin M. McMartin

    February 13, 2012 at 7:15 am

    Brandon provided some great insight into the inter workings of the radical left and the masterminds behind them (Unions and various ACORN reincarnates). I would caution everyone that we characterize the ineptitude of OWS at CPAC as bluster. In my opinion the OWS activity at events like CPAC is more likely training for a much larger event such as the RNC in Tampa. The OWS is not going to tip their hand in the early minor events but it does help them to improve their tactics and recruit more green members.

  2. nooneofanyimport

    August 16, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Thank you for this info, b/c I hadn’t actually heard it put this way. The Occupiers that mean well don’t even realize that they are being manipulated, but they are. Something to keep in mind if I run into any of their antics during the RNC.


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