The Two-Minute Drill for America

08 Feb

President Obama is a complete, total and utter failure; unless, of course, your goal is to fundamentally transform America, in which case you might not find him to be such a disappointment. Guess what the President’s goal is?  Does he want an America that you would recognize or does he want a Euro-green-socialist-bureaucratic-centralized-top down-command and control-welfare state? To ask the question is to answer it.

The Republicans have been playing defense for too long. It is time to go on the offense. It is time for the two-minute drill. Yes, the Republicans only control the House of Representatives and can only prevent bad legislation from passing, but can not force the Senate to pass good legislation.  No matter. Pass the legislation that needs to be passed to put the left on the spot. DO SO FOR COMPLETELY POLITICAL REASONS.  This is the time for the Republicans to define the difference between them and the left and to force the left to defend how their policies have failed America. Here are a few hints since it appears that the Republican Party needs them.

Jobs, jobs, jobs. The Obama administration has been attacking private business from the get go. No wonder employment stinks. In case you missed it Republicans, President Obama nixed the Keystone XL pipeline. He killed the construction jobs. He killed the long-term operating jobs. He killed the taxes that would be paid by the pipeline. He kills everything he touches. He even kills the businesses he subsidizes (ever heard of Solyndra?) As gasoline approaches $4 a gallon, THIS IS A BIG DEAL. NAIL OBAMA ON THIS ISSUE. 

Need another hint? Ever hear of Boeing? Remember them? They actually make airplanes in this country and export them. Boeing is the largest exporter in the United States by value. A good thing, huh? You would think so until you recall that the National Labor Relations Board held up production in non-unionized South Carolina until the union got its pound of flesh back home at the unionized plant. Why was a President who claims to be concerned about unemployment preventing airplane production in South Carolina? BECAUSE HE IS NOT REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT UNEMPLOYMENT.  HE IS ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT PROTECTING UNIONS AND SIPHONING MONEY TO THEM. As long as he appears to be “concerned” the media will never call him on this. REPUBLICANS, IT IS UP TO YOU!

The federal deficit. We can not continue to borrow $1.5 trillion annually as far as the eye can see. Spending has to be cut and it has to be cut dramatically. Discretionary spending has to be reduced and entitlements seriously reformed to reduce costs. Obama likes to say how the Republicans drove the economy into a ditch.  Obama is driving the country into the abyss and he wants to step on the accelerator. Our problems will be so large, and so disruptive to the global financial system, that Greece will merely be a rounding error in the red ink.  DON’T LET OBAMA AND THE LEFT GET AWAY WITH PRETENDING THAT TAX INCREASES WILL REDUCE THE DEFICIT. THEY HAVE FAILED TO PASS BUDGETS AND CUT SPENDING. THIS IS NOT US AGAINST THEM; THIS IS ALL OF US POTENTIALLY GOING DOWN TOGETHER.

Defense.   Obama has alienated our closest allies, been weak on containing Iran, created instability in Iraq and Afghanistan with political withdrawal timetables and proposed cuts in defense spending that are unwise. A PRESIDENT’S FIRST RESPONSIBILITY IS TO DEFEND THE NATION, NOT TO WAND RAPE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WHO WANT TO GET ON AN AIRPLANE!

Judicial appointments. If Obama wins another term, and even worse, if the Democrats retain the Senate, can you imagine the dregs of the legal profession that will be appointed to the federal bench? Kiss the last shreds of the Constitution goodbye. REPUBLICANS, YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS AN ISSUE. WE CAN NOT ALLOW THE LEFT TO RULE US FROM THE BENCH. WE WANT REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT!

 Republicans, are you up to the challenge?

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