Chairman of Democratic Party of Virginia: If we can’t cheat we can’t win…

30 Jan

…. so everybody run down to the Capitol to collectively bang your spoons on your highchairs and wail like little babies.  Or something.

Brian Moran (right) with failed one term Senator Jim Webb

From an email I received from the Chairman of the Democratic Party, Brian Moran, of Virginia on Saturday:

Republicans are pushing legislation to prevent thousands of Virginians who do not have government-sponsored identification from casting a regular ballot on election day. They want to make people who register to vote wait five days before casting an absentee ballot. They are also trying to make it illegal to help more than two people with an absentee ballot application in the same election year.

Really?  Thousands don’t have ID?  How do they cash a check or buy adult products without ID?  How do they pick up prescriptions?  Rent a car? 

The last part seems to imply that Democrats feel their voters are so stupid that they are unable to fill out a ballot application without the guidance of a Democratic Party operative.  That’s pretty insulting, but I guess if you’re of the chattel class beholden to government for your sustenance you’ll just take the insult with a big old smile on your face.

Brian Moran continues with what can only be characterized as reverse projection…

They know that the only way they can win this year’s elections is to keep turnout low and they are trying to rig them before they even happen.

Let me rewrite that for ya, Brian…

Democrats know that the only way they can win this year’s election is through fraudulent voting by unqualified voters and the Republicans attempt to prevent Democrats from rigging the election is a diabolical plot to keep us from stealing another election.

Anyway, the professional rabblerousers will be assembling tomorrow at 9:30am at the Bell Tower on the Capitol grounds in Richmond if you’re interested.

Update:  Brian Moran is the younger brother of the detestable Congressman Jim Moran, both gifts from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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