I see Stupid People…

29 Jan

This is yet another installment of ‘I Fixed that video fer ya Barack you reckless, feckless stuttering clusterfark of a miserable failure’ video re-edits.  The SCFOAMF moniker for this president belongs to Ace and I stole it because I love it so much.

Honestly.  Can this man be this clueless and narcissitic?  The answer is, of course, YES.

Michael Berry can be found here.  And of course Mark Levin can always be found here.


Posted by on January 29, 2012 in Obama


2 responses to “I see Stupid People…

  1. Saddlesore

    January 29, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    Sometimes I wonder who is stupider, Obama or Biden. It’s close to a toss up.

  2. Questionman

    February 13, 2012 at 5:00 am

    I assume you are using the term “Marxist” as hyperbole to emphasize your point, and it’s not meant to be factual, correct? Karl Marx would very much disagree with President Obama’s capitalist ways.

    Karl Rove’s breaking new ground came within 100 votes of losing the election for Bush – both times. It created a President who did NOT have a popular mandate to govern, and put him into the history books as the worst Presidents in history, and set the stage for a black man to be elected, which is the worst thing possible from the Republicans point of view.

    I don’t mean to be flippant but the vitriol spewing from the right these days is as sound as the juvenile statement above. Now, if any progressive or person of color brings up the fact that the lot of GOP candidates is racist. We get the, “they’re playing the race card argument”. The implication is that it is better not to bring up race, after all we wouldn’t want people of color to adopt a victim’s mentality.

    In the following 8 years, under Bush, not Obama, America ran it’s first trillion dollar deficit. Two endless wars, tax cuts favoring the ultra wealthy and unpaid entitlement programs such as Medicare Part D were the primary culprits. Fiscal irresponsibility of the highest order by the republicans in taking a budget surplus to a trillion dollar deficit. Bush’s last years, he left us with the worst economy since the Great Depression. Job losses of half a million or more per month. No job creation, just massive job losses. TARP. Think of September, 2008 when John McCain told us the economy and Wall Street were fine. His people called Americans “whiners” and it was just a mental recession. Ever wonder why the 8 GOP candidates never mention Bush in all their blathering? President Obama took the GOP disaster and has led America forward, although with GOP intransigence, much slower than all of us would like.

    Wall Street reform. Health reform that keeps kids covered, that keeps insurance companies from cutting sick folk off their paid for benefits. Saved millions of manufacturing jobs in the auto industry. Supports GOP ideas like cap and trade (McCain/Palin ran on it in 2008!), personal responsibility such as Newt and Mitt supported mandates, and other policies in a bipartisan fashion. But the GOP abandons their own ideas once he agrees to compromise. The GOP won the House in 2010 and promised JOBS JOBS JOBS. Nary a Jobs Bill in sight, but they voted on abortion 7 times. They vote on an existing national motto. That sure saved us, didn’t it? But no help on jobs. We have much, much more work to dig out of this Second Great Republican Depression.

    We have gone from continuous months of half million job losses to 23 months of private sector job growth. Job growth of 200,000 per month versus Bush’s astounding job loss record. Much more to go. Americans generally pay lower taxes now than ever before, especially the wealthiest Americans. As has been asked on other thread: when was the last time the ultra rich paid significantly lower taxes? Mitt paid 13% of his $42 million income. Again: when was the last time the ultra rich paid significantly lower taxes than they do now? I do not support Occupy. To link President Obama to communists and black panthers is a pathetic Fox fantasy. Nor do I support giving the car keys back to the political hacks that drove our economy into a ditch.

    Republicans almost killed the economy and the middle class a few short years ago.
    They have done and said NOTHING to “earn” the chance to destroy our country any further. So hide from facts and scare folks with the story of two jerks in Philly 3 years ago resurrecting the panthers. Your fear and lies don’t play anymore. It’s halftime, America. We have work to do.



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