27 Jan

Gee, what happened this week that we need to discuss?

  • The economy grew by 1.7% in 2011 and it was reported that Ener1 Inc., a battery maker, which had received $118 million of our tax dollars filed for bankruptcy. Does anyone see a connection?
  • Fitch’s downgraded Italy and Spain. Are you surprised? What took Fitch’s so long? Italy is the third largest economy in Europe, which raises the obvious question, where is there a good European economy? This makes me wonder if economies 1 and 2 really will want to bail everyone else out. I am guessing not. Someday the Europeans will realize that they can not borrow their way out of a debt crisis. Someday, maybe, possibly…..was that a unicorn I just saw?
  • President “Class Warfare” doesn’t like being referred to as the “Food Stamp” President. Apparently he believes that the increase in food stamp dependence is Bush’s fault. You never heard that before, have you?  Do you know why I think Obama does not like that reference? Because it is true. When you stick a pig it squeals. Oink! 
  • The Romney-Gingrich slugfest is really out of control with major establishment Republicans criticizing Gingrich. When Bob Dole criticizes you, you know you have really insulted the Republican establishment. Keep in mind that it is these establishment Republicans who could never win, or did I sleep through the Dole presidency? Say whatever you want about Gingrich, but while Romney was imposing Romneycare on Massachusetts and running for the Senate to the left of Ted Kennedy, Gingrich was winning Republican control of the House, pushing welfare reform over the objections of President Clinton, pushing for a balanced budget and lower capital gains taxes. He may or may not be a Reaganite, and he has many flaws, but he does pursue his agenda. Let’s hope, if he wins, it is a conservative one.
  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer met President Obama on the tarmac outside Phoenix and had a reportedly tense exchange because of her comments about him in her book. President “Thin Skin” walked off while the Governor was in mid-sentence. What a class act he is. And this is a Nobel Peace Prize winner? Gov. Brewer’s book then zoomed in sales on Amazon, with the largest ever jump in book popularity in one day. Good for her!

Have a great weekend. Keep hope alive! Regime change in 2012!

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Posted by on January 27, 2012 in politics


One response to “TGIF

  1. Martin M. McMartin

    January 28, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Nice review, now I understand why my alcohol consumption has increased so much.


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