BCS observation, Book Report and a Funk that just won’t go away

09 Jan

Beware:  Unhinged rant to follow…

As for tonight’s game I have no dog in the fight, have never visited either University and was merely looking at the game for entertainment.  Then I saw a Bama fan with an elephant hat on her pretty little head, so I went webspelunking to find out what that’s all about.

There is an elephant logo born out of the 30s, when their team was so dominant that they resembled a herd of elephants, apparently.  But that’s where the elephantism stopped.  At least for me.

I thought there would be some association with conservative republicanism until I hit their website and saw this on the main page.  The main page.

What? Obama’s Stimulus Logo?

Look.  Anything will piss me off these days, but this certainly didn’t help.  There is no escaping the tentacles of the Obama Administration Occupation at any level.  You watch sports and you get Michelle’s Play 60 ads.  The Navy hosts a pro basketball game on an aircraft carrier and who’s there?  To give a damned speech?  Pffft.  Republican have a political event in New Hampshire and Obama is there heckling.  Well.  Not really Obama.  Just his Occupy Brown Shirts.

The Despot is EVERYWHERE.

But, on a positive note I went to LSU’s website and they’ve got Steve Forbes coming into to talk some sense to that school.

 Go LSU!!

Confession:  I got so disgusted with politics and the onslaught of the Occupation that I buried myself in NFL games and Chris Kyle’s book, ‘American Sniper’, a Seal who logged at least 150 kills in Iraq for the purpose of….
Nevermind.  Don’t get me started on the Obama Occupation and destruction again.
It’s a fascinating tale and most of his targets were those of opportunity because the foam flecked fanatics so crazed to kill Americans died because of their own ignorance and stupidity.  Oh well.  Savages must be dealt with on their own terms.  Congratulations, Chris Kyle. 
It didn’t come without taking a toll on Kyle’s marriage, family life and psyche; all of which he seemed to be immune to prior to the midst of his second child’s birth and fourth tour in Iraq.
It’s a great read.  Check it out.  It has a bittersweetly happy ending although Chris Kyle won’t ever get over his grief for his (very few) fallen comrades.  Very few because these are professionals and the kill ratio looks like a rounding error in comparison.  Not that this comforts him or his buddies much.
I am in awe of people like this.  And extremely grateful for their service.
And for you American savages that hate America, there are many of us who like targets of opportunity brought on by crazed stupidity.  We’ll outmaneuver, outflank, outwit and outperform you dope smoking idiot layabouts
About this Funk of mine:  I don’t know how to shake it.  Why just do blog posts of disgruntlement and hate all the time?  What happened to my country?   I didn’t use to be this grim.  Although serious about things that matter I’m generally a happy go lucky/live let live kind of guy.  I don’t care about your sexual preference.  Keep it to yourself.  Do whatever you want.  But don’t expect me to pay for the consequences of your petty lifestyle choices nor ask me to condone or celebrate them.
We’re all freaks in one way or another.  Permission granted to take charge of your own miserable life.  Leave me out of it.  I don’t celebrate diversity, I despise it because it divides the nation.  I celebrate unity.  Unity of purpose.  A desire to advance as a society, not what we have now.  This is simply horrible.
That asshole in the White House has much to do with it, but it didn’t help much when Virginia got shut out of the Republican Presidential primary through sheer stupidity and lack of information; and that I dutifully trotted down to help validate signatures for illiterate Ron Paul supporters with poor penmanship.  I should have just gotten up and walked out after the first of THREE hours.
I despise the Republican Party of Virginia for not informing its membership that the threshold was so high to be included on the ballot because I would have been out there organizing signature campaigns for more than one candidate 3 months ago.  Establishment Republicanism has me on the brink of dropping out completely.  If Obama wins RPV owns the blame in Virginia and if you’re interested I will not share my bunk space with you in the reeducation camp of the Obama second term.
But I’ve talked about that before, I think.  Maybe not the reeducation camp part.  LOL.
I still support None of the Above in Virginia.  I’m not going to link it.  Scroll back.
And the Iraq head fake/tossing the keys to the Iranians after so much blood and treasure has been spent really REALLY pisses me off.  I can only imagine what it’s like for those who served, bled, suffered and sacrificed.  On behalf of Americans that feel the same way as I do, I apologize for not doing more to prevent this President and his party from taking power.  But that primary got hosed, too, and we got John Effin’ McCain. 
I still worked to block Obama, but for the LOVE OF GOD!!!, do we have to have another McCain in 2012 in Mitt Romney?  The country simply won’t survivie it.  Romney will lose and even if he wins, does America win?
Lastly, It also doesn’t help that an investment firm that took over my company and my job of nearly 16 years is on the bubble ain’t helping much either.  That we buried many competitors, took their business, then when the business started to falter a bit under the Obama Occupation, upper management sold out puts all of us that built the business on the bubble.  The investment team is bringing in members of one of the competitors we had previously put out of business because of old friendships.
Sorry to burden you with that, but I felt it necessary to explain my silence and escapism. Guilty.  With an excuse.
But my raging is nearly over.  This post helps to cleanse some demons.
Cleansing demons is one of the benefits of blogging.
Reading blogs is about suffering through the rant. 
But you were warned.
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