Where’s Waldo?

07 Jan
  • Has anyone seen or heard from Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner lately?  No? Maybe he and Jon Corzine are in hiding together or are out looking for the missing $1 billion of MF Global’s customer’s funds. Or maybe he is busy sending out resumes in anticipation of President Obama losing the election. I hear Turbo Tax is hiring.
  • The reported unemployment rate fell recently. Don’t believe what the government is telling you.  The figures included over 40,000 temporary messengers and couriers hired for the holidays.  Do you think those people will have jobs in January? Does anyone in the federal bureaucracy understand what is going on with unemployment?  Probably not.  Employment won’t improve until the government cuts taxes, cuts spending, cuts the deficit and cuts regulation. That is what Obama is doing, right? What a guy!  But he is giving unions more waivers from Obamacare.
  • Michele Bachmann dropped her bid for the Republican Presidential nomination. Presumably she will run to retain her House seat.  Speaker Bachmann, anyone?
  • The German economy is slowing with factory orders falling 4.8% in November. When the largest economy in Europe falters who will prop up all the moribund welfare states (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal) teetering on the edge of bankruptcy?  Maybe it is time these countries faced up to their own problems and stopped asking for bailouts. Hmmm…..maybe we should try that here. I wonder what Greece will give us for Solyndra?

Keep hope alive. Regime change in 2012!

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Posted by on January 7, 2012 in politics


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