Virginia Republican’s Third Option for the Primary? None of the Above

29 Dec

Update: I don’t know why this post is getting recent traffic, but I suspect it’s you Libertarian morons linking it. This was written during the primary process. This is no longer valid.

Let me just say, a vote for Gary Johnson or that fucktard from Virginia, Virgil Goode is a vote for Obama.

Give it up. Will you really be able to walk with head held high amongst your fellow citizens on Nov. 7 if Obama wins because you lunatics played at the margins?

Good grief. You’re standing where I want to piss, for the love of God.

Get a fucking life and a strong dose of smelling salts. Reality? Anyone?

OK. Back to my original post from God knows when.

Mitt’s the only choice this go around. He’s was not my first choice….but he’ll do for now.

Many, many Virginia Republicans are dissatisfied and angry about having only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on the presidential primary ballot, with no write-in opportunity available.
That leaves us with two options:
1)  Hold your nose and vote for the least objectionable candidate.
2)  Stay home.
I propose a third option.
I asked Matt Abell of the Virginia State Board of Elections what would happen if a voter were to request a ballot, then select NO candidate and then put the ballot into the optical reader.  Basically, this would increment the voter turnout count by one without adding to the votes cast for either candidate.  This can also be done on the touch screen system.
In essence the difference between the voter turnout and the total votes cast for the two candidates would represent ‘None of the Above’ (NOTA).  So, it is conceivable to register a substantial number of NOTA vote.  This figure won’t be reported on election night.  There will be a winner and a loser between the candidates, but the statistics will be available from the Board of Elections and can be reported on after the fact by blogs and if the NOTA count were statistically significant, would be picked up by the legacy media, as well.

Mark Steyn was just pointing out while filling in for Rush that Newt Gingrich lives in Virginia and cannot vote for himself because he’s not on the ballot.  I would think that Newt might like the NOTA option himself.

If there is no other impact, a sufficient NOTA vote would send a message to Mr. Romney that he needs to move further to the right if he expects to get any meaningful support from Virginia.
What would this mean at the GOP Convention?  I’m not sure, but it may free up the delegates to vote for any candidate as opposed to the proportionally allocated votes from Virginia.  This year is not ‘winner take all’ in terms of awarding electoral votes, but rather, it’s proportional. 
I don’t like options 1 or 2.  I’m going with option 3. 
None of the Above.


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3 responses to “Virginia Republican’s Third Option for the Primary? None of the Above

  1. Trudy

    February 8, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    that doesn’t do it for me. we have been disenfranchised by our own party so they can control the election. i plan to raise a fuss.


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