Taser the Volt

21 Dec

The whole idea behind the Chevy Volt has been flawed from the get go. Why does the taxpayer have to pay big bucks for a car that nobody wants? The technology may be interesting, but it is obvious that there is literally no market for the Volt. Unfortunately, lots of our tax dollars are going to keep this boondoggle alive.  The country is already broke. Why are we doing this?  I wonder if this subsidy would continue if GM were not a union shop. Just saying……

By the way, GM stock is down almost half from its initial public offering. The taxpayer has taken it on the chin too many times for GM.  This waste needs to be ended pronto.

Check out this Neil Cavuto newsclip from Fox News. You won’t be happy.

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Posted by on December 21, 2011 in politics


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