Can you hear me, now?

20 Dec

Well, it seems that more government regulatory overreach has put the kibosh to the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. The Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission, both of which operate as monopolies, were concerned about a lack of competition if the merger went through, so AT&T finally pulled the plug on the deal. This is another in a long line of the Obama administration’s attacks on business. Staying competitive in a rapidly advancing field of technology requires the ability to adapt in order to grow and prosper. Exactly which technological marvel from T-Mobile was going to be stifled as a result of this merger that distressed the federal government so? This is a major negative signal to the business community.

Apparently the brainiacs at Justice and the FCC don’t realize that there can not be a monopoly in a free market unless the government itself prevents competition. If I were Apple I would be nervous. Just look at their share of the tablet market. Obviously the government can not tolerate that people be allowed to voluntarily buy a product they want and give a private business a highly profitable and commanding share of the market. Just who does the public think it is! This must be stopped for our own good!

Here is some advice for AT&T. Start losing money and then Obama will give you billions. All in the name of progress, of course.

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Posted by on December 20, 2011 in politics


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