Occupy, disrupt, destroy

29 Nov

What is it with the left? Ever notice how everything the left does is just so……uncivilized? Ok, anyone can speak their mind about political issues, including engaging in public protests, but must the left always be…well… neanderthal?

It seems that the left is incapable of making a point without disrupting ordinary people who want to go about their lawful business and get on with their lives. What was the point of disrupting Black Friday shoppers? What was the point of the Occupy Wall Street mobs? Were they protesting at the government which was allegedly the focus of their discontent or were they making another point, that they actually could get away with impinging on the rights of ordinary people with impunity. I think the occupods learned a lesson from all this, but not one they should have learned. The authorities were woefully slow in enforcing the law against the protesters. This was weakness not tolerance of free speech. Too little too late.

Here is the answer to the question what is it with the left? The answer is that how the left protests actually tells you what they are protesting against. They were protesting in a filthy, unlawful manner because they were actually protesting against a free, civilized, orderly society based upon the rule of law. This was just round one, but score one for the forces of disruption.

BTW, kudos to the Richmond Tea Party for not letting the City of Richmond push them around.


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Posted by on November 29, 2011 in politics


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