Political Correctness: Enabler of Major Nidal Hassan and Penn State Molestation

10 Nov

Political correctness is an invention of the left to silence criticism about their efforts to promote deviance and societal self destruction into the mainstream of American thinking.  Political correctness works hand in hand with moral relativism, where destructive lifestyle choices and dysfunctional behavior are elevated to the level of decency because individuals are asked to abandon their common sense and accept the notion that all personal and societal decisions are deemed to have equal merit. 

And for one to protest this destruction of societal norms is to commit the crime of political incorrectness.

Political Correctness was used to by the political class after 9/11 to promote the idiotic notion that Islam is a religion of peace, which caused us to lose our beloved American military brothers and sisters by the thousands for reasons that confound me to this day.  If a dirtbag declared his shack to be a mosque it was removed from the strike list. 

Major Nidal Hassan danced cheek to cheek with PC and employed it to his advantage.  He openly declared his hatred for America while drawing a paycheck from the taxpayer and living within the ranks of the American military allowing him to open fire on his fellow soldiers in an act of jihad.  There were plenty of warning signs that this guy was an islamist and a danger.

But the  political correctness doctrine of the leftists imposed on the military prevented them from doing what would have been natural and sensible.  Confronting and removing the problem.  So people kept their mouths shut because the penalty for being labelled an anti-muslim was far more severe than to deal with this obvious danger .  Soldiers died.

The dead and buried, the wounded and maimed have the political left to thank for that massacre. 

I contend that what was allowed to happen at Penn State is merely another instance of this same PC phenomenon. 

People in the know were quite aware of Coach Sandusky’s persuasions and activities.  But live and live, right?  The mere fact that this man wasn’t content to contain his homosexuality within his age group, but to foist it on defenseless children, was not to be confronted because to do so would make the accuser appear to be judgemental homophobe.

Here’s the problem with political correctness.  First you have to accept the initial premise that the behavior normal people find repugnant isn’t to be judged.  Once that barrier has been breached and the dysfunctional behavior mainstreamed, then the incrementalism begins, where the societal boundary that existed for years is pushed incessantly, the message mainstreamed into all public dialogue and eventually all rules are destroyed.

The goal of political correctness is to destroy all rules and eventually, society itself.

So, back to Penn State.  It was widely known that this Sandusky dude was a big homo.  Can I say homo?  Yes I can because I’m not a slave to PC.  So when it was discovered that this creep was molesting children I’m sure that any discussion went something like…Coach is a ‘mo.  That’s fine.  I’m cool with that.  But this dating outside of his age group?  I’m uncomfortable with that, but maybe I shouldn’t say anything because the homosexual lobby might call me intolerant.

Nevermind that children were being abused.  The worse crime would be to be intolerant of homosexuals.  Or he boundaries that only they can define.

That the left has spent generations creating cowards, immasculating men, thrusting their agenda upon us all,  that they’ve made it a mission to infiltrate every organization from the clergy to the military to the entertainment industry makes these outcomes completely predictable. 

To prove my point, most of the ugly details about what went on at Penn State were known by yesterday afternoon, but the PC infused kids at Penn State rallied and rioted in support of Paterno, and that speaks volumes about how the left have mainstreamed deviancy and where we are as a society.

I’m sick of it.  I’m tired of people dying for leftist causes.  I’m tired of children being scarred for life for leftist causes.

The leftists are directly responsible for the death and mistreatment of millions and millions of people

Am I supposed to keep my mouth shut?

I will not.

Political Correctness kills.


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3 responses to “Political Correctness: Enabler of Major Nidal Hassan and Penn State Molestation

  1. Todd Vander Pol

    November 10, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    Lead on Saddleburr!!
    I agree that disfunctional behavior should be called out as disfunctional behavior.

    • P. Henry Saddleburr

      November 10, 2011 at 11:34 pm

      Political Correctness is meant to silence those that oppose dysfunction and to succumb to the gag order against sensiblility is a death sentence for all of us and should be resisted and exposed.

  2. Deborah Sampson

    November 10, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    You nailed it once again, my friend.

    I heard more of the sordid details of Sanduskey’s behavior this afternoon. It was all I could do to keep from wretching. That this was witnessed and NO ONE took action is inconceivable to me. The whole lot deserved to be fired and as far as I’m concerned should be investigated as accomplices.

    Regarding Nidal, just another reason that the Army should allow the soldiers to be armed while on Post. That murderous piece of swine excrement might have thought a little harder about going in with guns blazing if he knew that within seconds that hundreds could be aimed right back at him. I’m just sayin’.

    I stand with you in the anti-PC march.


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