Virginia Senate District 9. Is the unopposed Donald McEachin a sure thing?

06 Nov

Updated and  Bumped to the Top of the Post:  Off year elections typically draw 20 percent of registered voters.  McEachin is a a first termer.  YES WE CAN defeat McEachin and any first termer.  It’s all about showing up.



Last year the Virginia Democrats held a bare majority in the state Senate and used it to stymy lots of good legislation and then redrew many districts to their advantage, including Virginia 9, where they carved out the most liberal section out of Hanover County.  It was clearly a partisan power grab as well as a calloused attempt to punish the reliably conservative county.

The Senator for VA-9 is the ultra liberal trial lawer, Donald McEachin who earned an American Conservative Union rating of Zero

Because of the lateness of this redistricting there was little or no time for Republicans to put forth a candidate to oppose McEachin, who is now showering Hanover County Democrats with funds and feels he’s gained a foothold in the County on which to grow upon. 

Breaking news over the last few days is that a conservative, Floyd Mays, in cooperation with the local patriot groups, have announced a write-in campaign for Tuesday and it might just work because of the late announcement and little time the McEachin has to rally his troops and get them to the polls. 

Most people don’t pay attention to or particpate in unopposed elections or ones that largely involved County Supervisor races, so turn out will be light.  A well mobilized militia of voters could be the surprise of the year.

So if you are a conservative, or even a moderate that dislikes big government liberalism and  was not planning on voting on this race on Tuesday, please reconsider and defeat this trial lawyer statist by writing in


Here’s a taste of Floyd’s commonsense philosophy.

Also, pass this link onto your friends and family in the 9th.

UPDATE:  Apparently Mr. McEachin recently got wind of this insurrection and called one of Floyd Mays’ volunteers near midnight and unleashed a profanity laced tirade against Operation Write In.

Look, Donald, Mr. Mays is perfectly within his rights to challenge your seat and this betrays your sense of entitlement to this Senate seat.  This is very unbecoming and unprofessional.

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