Cain-Gringrich Debate

05 Nov

I didn’t know it was tonight, but fortunately my Mrs. Saddleburr was channel surfing and informed me that it was on.  I took a break from the LSU/Alabama game to watch and what a delight it was. 

Two serious men discussed important issues posed by the Texas Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity, and each proposed solutions in an event that was less about the moderators than the candidates for a change.  There weren’t any 30 second time clocks, hand raising, stupid green initiative questions, freshly out of the closet members of the military posing gotcha questions about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Nothing like that.  And it gave the viewer a better idea about the candidates than anything to date.

Both men excelled.

At the end, the moderator allowed the candidates to ask each other one question. 

Gingrich asked Cain about what his biggest surprise was about running for the Presidency, to which he responded that he wasn’t fully prepared for the dishonesty of the media.  I would have to agree that he wasn’t and his naivete’ is puzzling to me and I have developed a profound distrust of the media, personally, and have refused to talk to them on numerous occasions.

But I digress.

Cain’s question to Gingrich was hilarious and brought the house down.  Both men laughed so hard I don’t know that Gingrich even replied and if he did I missed it. 

Cain asked Mr. Gingrich, as vice president, what would you like the president to assign to you as your first task?  I paraphrase from memory on this.

Both men elevated themselves tonight and I could vote for either. 

There was no gotcha crap.  Gingrich obviously excels in a policy wonk discussion and helped himself the most because he’s a policy guy and can speak to specifics.  Plus he’s behind in the polls.

Cain speaks more from a ideological and philosophical perspective like the rest of us, since most of us aren’t policy wonks either.

There were lots of topics and sincere disagreements about approach to the issues.

Regarding Unemployment compensation, which has reached 99 weeks.  Cain said that your first stint at unemployment should start at 26 weeks, but if you then get a job and then lose it ,your next max period should be 13 weeks, followed by 6 1/2 weeks, etc.

Gingrich says that you can’t get any money unless you’re in a retraining program, at the minimum, and that by the end of 99 weeks you could have an associates degree in something meaningful and marketable.

That’s just an example of the thought provoking discussion that was wide ranging.

Click the image to watch.  It’s an hour and a half well spent.

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Posted by on November 5, 2011 in politics


One response to “Cain-Gringrich Debate

  1. Saddlesore

    November 7, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Two good men. Definitely room for both in the next Republican administration.


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