When in the course of human events it becomes self evident that Obama is toast

03 Nov

It can be demoralizing to watch politics on a daily basis and I watch way too much for my own good.  If one listens to. watches and reads media one can begin to think that the Democratic media machine that blares into the megaphone controls the dialogue. 

In fact, the louder they get and the more vicious they become are merely signs that they recognize that  they are on a fool’s errand to reelect this feckless, reckless president. 

Want proof?

The people of Colorado weren’t listening to the media as was just shown on Tuesday when the Democrat’s tax hike in Colorado went down to defeat 2 to 1.

It will be reaffirmed this coming Tuesday when Virginians will flip our state Senate from Democrat control to Republican control.  We Virginians were abused beyond belief by the bare majority that controls that body, but no more.  Watch this election.

I have to confess, though, that I was beginning to fall prey to the media barrage, most notably in the recent Herman Cain clusterfudge.

Media snipers are trying to pick off our guys one by one by one. 

PollyTicks are getting mighty difficult to watch these days and at times it seems that the circular firing squad of the Republican nominating process and the horrifics of endless debates, in combination with the vicious media onslaught causes me to wonder if any candidate other than Ken Doll will emerge from the process with all limbs and faculties intact.

Not so fast.  

Conservatives should relish the hysteria coming from the media as we fly over the target they’re trying to defend, Barack the Magnificent. 

As they say, if you’re not taking flack you’re not over the target, so we are obviously over the target.

Rush Limbaugh read a piece today from a pollster at The Hill that lifted my sinking spirits and it may buoy yours too.  Their wonder boy is going to go down to a resounding defeat next November, and so will his entire party.

Obama fails on all counts. The numbers say that voters don’t think he deserves reelection, he has no meaningful accomplishments, and the nation is headed off in the wrong direction under his watch. He is simply not viable by any measure. That’s an empirically informed, hard-nosed judgment. This isn’t a movie or fantasy tale where a miracle occurs at the last moment to save the day. If Democrat campaign professionals don’t start acknowledging the same, and intervening, they risk Obama bringing down their entire ticket.

Obama is losing on all three critical measures in the polls:

1)  Does the president deserve reelection?  54% say no.  42% say yes.  But that only leaves 4% undecided, which means…he’s toast.  People are locked into their opinions of him so even if every one of the 4% voted for Obama he comes up short.  54-46.

2)  What has he accomplished?  Nothing good.  That’s bad for the jug earred marxist.

3)  Right track/Wrong track? 

The latest CBS/New York Times poll has the “right direction” at 21 percent. It hasn’t been above 30 percent since the early summer. Incumbents simply don’t get reelected when three-fourths of the electorate see things “seriously off” on the “wrong track.”

It’s tough to watch the daily/hourly machinations of politics and it’s easy to get distracted and depressed by the minutae and the ugliness.  It’s good to be reminded that Obama will be a one term president.  Period.  And it’s positively exhilirating to think that he’ll drag down the entire Democrat ticket with him.

Although there will be ups and downs over the next 12 months, most of the downs will be caused by listening to the media.


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Posted by on November 3, 2011 in politics


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