NYC Mayor Bloomberg brings his bad politics and deep pockets to the Virginia Senate race

30 Oct

Michael Bloomberg is the multi-millionaire Mayor of New York City and chief protector of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Anything goes in NYC’s Zuccotti park during the Occupation thanks to hizzoner, including rape, theft, violence, drug abuse, public urination and defecation and all manner of public nuisance, health violations, disturbance and depravity.  It is total mayhem and lawlessness.  That OWS is continuing beyond a month should be a source of public humiliation for this mayor. 

But not to worry.

This is the same mayor who has so much time on his hands that he’s seen fit to meddle in the every day lives of his regular and decent citizenry by regulating the intake of salt, transfats and tobacco.  And in his spare time he raises their taxes.

But Nanny Bloomberg also hates the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms.

And it’s not good enough for him to have legislated this right away from his own constituents, he is lavishing money on Democrat Virginia Senate candidates who hate guns, too.

He’s dumping $25k on 5 Democrat incumbents (and another in an open seat) because they, too, dislike the Second Amendment.

Toddy Puller, Mark Herring, John Miller, Dave Marsden and George Barker are all Democrat incumbents, some of whom are in serious danger of losing their seats next week, as well as control of the Senate altogether.  These five are all recipients of BloombergBucks, as is Barbara Favola running in a newly formed open seat.

His beef with Virginia is that law abiding New Yorkers could possibly purchase firearms and perhaps  those firearms might make it into his gun free city.  The New York Daily News cites no statistics or facts and offers up an isolated incident that serves to support their wild claim that guns are flowing from Virginia.  But you know liberal nannies.  If it could happen it must stop.

Heck.  This isn’t like our federal government using Stimulus dollars give guns to criminals across our southern border, which really DID happen.  It’s merely a hypothesis backed up with a shred of empirical evidence, not a statistical trend that can be measured.

So let me get his straight. 

Mayor Bloomberg, who is unwilling to enforce the laws of his city as he coddles the OWS movement, wants to impose his vision for humanity on the people of Virginia.  Did the good mayor ever stop to think that the ever increasing anarchy resulting from of his lack of law enforcement in general may be  the reason for the increase in crime and may cause his citizens to consider arming themselves as a result?  Not that they did, but they’d be prudent to do so.

As for these Virginia Senators, they are the most liberal of the liberal in the Senate and all of them need to be added to the ranks of Obama’s rising unemployment numbers.

Get your nose and your money out of Virginia, Mayor Bloomberg.  Go back to your normal job of terrorizing your own people.  We don’t need you here.

And If, as a reader, you have the desire to combat this carpet bagging liberal, you can always hit their opponents tip jars or go to work for the Republicans that are trying to defeat these 6 gun grabbers.  Links to the candidates follow:

Toddy Puller should be defeated by Jeff Frederick.

George Barker should lose to Miller Baker.

Mark Herring can be defeated by Patricia Phillips.

John Miller needs to lose to Mickey Chohany.

Dave Marsden should be defeated by Jason Flanary.

And the open seat should go to Caren Merrick, not Barbara Favola.

As for next week’s election in Virginia, just as the Virginia sweep of Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General in 2009 set the stage for the national landslide in 2010, flipping the Virginia Senate in 2011 will tee it up for a national sweep in 2012.

The future is now.

H/T: Rose

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Posted by on October 30, 2011 in politics


One response to “NYC Mayor Bloomberg brings his bad politics and deep pockets to the Virginia Senate race

  1. Saddlesore

    October 31, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Bloomberg forgot to mention how many people protect themselves from crime when they can own a gun. Gee, if you can protect yourself, you may not have to call the police, and that would save taxpayers money!


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