Look for the Union Label. 10 arrested in $1 Billion disability scam.

27 Oct

The Long Island Railroad, much reviled by its passengers for unreliable service to the point where they recently had to put out an 8 point ‘Pledge to Customers’ to try to stem their ire. 

Point 1 is to provide a ‘Safe and reliable ride’. 

Well thank you so very much for that assurance.  This, as opposed to providing a terror-filled, white knuckle ride with blood-curdling screams from the panicked passengers, if the train actually shows up at all, that is. 

Mind you, this work of intellectual genius is merely a draft.  Expect the final version any year now.

But breaking news this morning is that the FBI has raided and arrested 10 people associated with the Long Island Railroad’s disability mill according to the New York Times.

Ten people, including a doctor and a former union president, were arrested early Thursday and charged in a major fraud scheme in which hundreds of Long Island Rail Road workers made false disability pension claims costing a federal agency an estimated $1 billion

These cases are so egregious that even Eric Holder’s FBI could recognize this as fraud.

One of the defendants, who receives more than $100,000 in pension and disability payments each year, plays tennis several times a week and played golf more than 100 times in less than a year despite supposedly suffering severe pain when gripping objects with his hands, bending or crouching, the person said.

Another defendant, an office worker for the railroad, who also collects more than $100,000 a year in pension and disability payments and complained of significant neck, shoulder, hand and leg pain when standing for more than five minutes, was seen under surveillance shoveling heavy snow and walking with a stroller for a long period of time, the person said.

And a third person, who receives more than $75,000 in payments annually and claimed to be suffering from severe and disabling back pain, went on a 400-mile bike tour around New York State, the person said.

And thanks to the ILGWU now ALL clothes are imported, as opposed to 1978, when only a portion were.

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Posted by on October 27, 2011 in politics, Unions


One response to “Look for the Union Label. 10 arrested in $1 Billion disability scam.

  1. Saddlesore

    October 27, 2011 at 11:24 am

    The public is definitely being ripped off. Here is my suggestion. Occupy the Long Island Railroad.


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