Why doesn’t the Occupy Movement have a problem with the Higher Ed Mafia?

17 Oct

There is much anger towards the banking institutions by participants of the ‘Occupy Movement’  concerning their astronomical student loans and that a college degree doesn’t necessarily result in a high paying job or an above average standard of living. 

Sorry, but you all got suckered into debt by the people who profited from separating you from both your money and your common sense, without providing you with anything in return and I’m not talking about your lenders.  I’m talking about your Education Mafia.

It is a beautiful ruse when scammers can get their clients to beg…  No… to plead and have them compete for a chance to be placed into a high-priced re-education camp, one that has long since substituted learning for indoctrination.  Part of this indoctrination involves the infusion of anti-capitalism, loathing of corporations and banks, along with other anti-Americanism and class envy.

And as Academicians teach class warfare rhetoric, they themselves pose as penniless, altruistic good guys surviving as paupers so as to serve you, their little darlings, always claiming that they could make more money in the private sector.   

These people are frauds of the first order.

The sheer magnitude of the money going to the edu-mafia is not being discussed at these OWS rallies.  But here is a comparison of the inflation rate for college versus the national inflation rate.

And as much hatred being levied at Wall Street ‘fat cats’, just looking at Virginia, the presidents of most universities, as well as some professors earn more than the average Wall Streeter.

Heck, the President of the United States of America makes a miserly $400,000 per year, but the president of VCU makes $488,500.  Professors at University of Virginia made $706,800, $650,000, $561,000, etc.  You have to go all the way down to educrat 17 in order to get to someone coequal with POTUS’s salary. 

Hate Wall Street all you want, but the average salary of Wall Street in 2010 was around $360,000 last year and while they are very well compensated, that is a contract between them and their clients and stockholders.  If they don’t perform….it’s curtains. 

Not so with the HighEd mafia.  Once they’re tenured, performance doesn’t even enter the equation.  They’re on the permanent gravy train for life. 

And if all you got was that lousy VCU T-Shirt and a worthless piece of paper saying how damned smart you are, it would only be logical for you to lash out at the university that sold you a worthless degreee, not the company that gave you the loan that you begged for.

I’m picking on VCU because that was the scene of the Richmond Occupy movement on Saturday, at which a rag tag group of grievance mongers assembled, many of whom were students from that University.  I was there and it was simply ridiculous.

And if you drill down to the department level, VCU has over 5,000 employees.  Your campus and the unaccountable money is emblematic of what is happening on a national scale in the professional education racket. 

What all this results in is lots of profiteering on a commodity that may be of zero value.

So maybe ‘The Man’ that you’re looking to punish should be that soft-spoken marxist at the academy who sold you the bill of goods that you so eagerly agreed to.


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3 responses to “Why doesn’t the Occupy Movement have a problem with the Higher Ed Mafia?

  1. Saddlesore

    October 17, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    You are completely correct, Saddleburr. The educational mafia is doing a disservice to the youth of this country. Much of the reason is that education is basically a government monopoly, with only the wealthy being able to avoid the system. Money is going to support unions and employee benefits most people would love to have rather than benefitting the students, and like all monopolies they are so inefficient they can’t control costs.

  2. Deborah Sampson

    October 18, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    Brilliant. This needs to go viral.

  3. R.H.F. (@LoudAmerican)

    October 20, 2011 at 10:21 am

    I agree with Deborah Sampson! This needs to go VIRAL! … and I will do my part to make it so …


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