A Simple Plan

17 Oct

Restoring America’s greatness will not really be that difficult, assuming a President actually wants to do so. Herewith is the ten point plan. It fits on a teleprompter.

1. Cut federal spending substantially to reduce the deficit and the economic drag created by massive debt.

2. Stop debasing the currency. The price of oil and gold have not gone up, the value of the dollar has gone down.

3. Cut taxes on businesses and individuals and simplify the tax code.

4. Enforce the border with Mexico and deport illegal aliens expeditiously. A country without border control ceases to be a country.

5. Develop a coherent foreign and defense policy that uses our military to fight actual threats to the country. Support our allies and oppose our enemies (and not the reverse).

6. Produce energy in this country. Drill for oil in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and along the coasts. Build nuclear power plants. Use the abundant natural gas resources that we have.

7. Allow free market competition in all areas where the public sector has a stranglehold on services:  i.e. education, health care and transportation.

8. Get the overbearing, bureaucratic regulatory state out of our lives.

9. Reform entitlements. Instead of entitlement programs that create debt and taxes, implement programs that allow people to create assets and wealth.

10. Appoint judges who will read and make decision based upon the Constitution and not use it as legalistic silly putty to be contorted beyond recognition to justify any expansion of government power.

Done. So easy the D’Oh man could do it.

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Posted by on October 17, 2011 in politics


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