Occupy the Democratic National Convention

13 Oct

I believe this ‘Occupy’ movement will come to a crescendo at the DNC Convention in Charlotte, NC next September 3rd through 6th.  It will be Chicago 1968 mixed with Kent State and the L.A. riots all in one event.  Except that the Chicago cops, L. A. cops and the Ohio National Guard were not told to stand down.  They knew the benefit of a well applied billy club and provided them the  opportunity to persuade maniacs to behave themselves.

By the way, Bank of America’s corporate Headquarters are in Charlotte, as well.  What was that BofA thing that the Dems drummed up last week?  Oh, that’s right.  Democrats passed a bill to screw the banks and then passed off the hate to the big banks because they rightfully collected their necessary funds outside the boundaries of the new, dick durbin law.

That having been said, I tried to book a hotel.  Motel.  B&B.  All of the above yesterday,  so as to get a front row seat for the mayhem that will ensue so that I can report on it. 

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is booked.  I thought my Marriott status would help me.


I went through every single lodging availability, even B&Bs, which I don’t like, to no avail.

Any assistance is welcome. 

But I’m not above putting my skank on and grovelling with these dirtbags in order to get the real story.

OK.  Yes I am.  Once my nostrils get filled with the scent of cat box I’m probably outta there and according to Wilkow, catbox is the lower threshhold of the stench these people put out.

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Posted by on October 13, 2011 in politics


One response to “Occupy the Democratic National Convention

  1. nooneofanyimport

    October 15, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    Maybe you can get a KOA campsite, if you are a camping sort?

    Your theory is a good one. That guy on MSNBC actually admitted that a “Kent State moment” is needed.

    If the riots are bad enough, maybe the elections would even have to be postponed.




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