Hey Obama. You’re a Bad Ass Hell Fire raining War God. But what about your anti-war base?

30 Sep

Remember Obama’s first executive order?  It was to close Guantanamo.  January 2009.  The very first one.

Didn’t happen. Never will.  A shibboleth of the left seems to have vaporized in the rarified air of reality.

FAIL!  Fortunately.

Obama railed about the injustices of Military Commissions and waterboarding, which he decried as ‘torture’.  The left elected Obama to right these injustices.  It was only proper to confer due process rights on terrorist detainees.  It was another campaign promise that was central to his presidency.

Khalid Sheik Muhammed will rightfully have his trial sent back to the Military Tribunal in Gitmo.

FAIL AGAIN.  Fortunately.  The Horror and danger of bringing a guy like the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks to New York City was so misguided that the administration had to drop it.

As for detention and interrogation, Obama doesn’t have to answer any questions about those charges because he doesn’t capture.  He just kills and in some cases he orders the body disposed of at sea.  OK.  He doesn’t kill.  He issues kill orders. 

Of course, he doesn’t collect intel either, which is the benefit of capture that is lost with these executions.

So what to make of this transformation?  How did this guy go from anti-war, anti-torture, anti-American street thug to Executioner-in-Chief?

There is nothing more sobering than real intel, something this whiny little president was not privy to during his epic campaign that lead to this tragic presidency.  But he has figured out that he has powerful tools at his disposal such as the best military in the world who possess wonderful toys like Predator drones with Hellfire missiles.  With a nod he can rain Hellfire down on the bad guys. 

And he likes it.  A lot.  He’s the first guy to do the ‘I killed a bad guy’ dance.  We all know he didn’t do it, but he wants us to think that he did.

So Obama don’t capture and Obama don’t torture.  He sends out kill orders.  He’s our Don.

Obama has become the Authorizer-in-Chief, giving the go ahead to the toasting of Osama bin Laden and  Anwar-al-Alaki.  Some rumors have al-Alaki running for his life during the taking of his life, the thought of which I cherish.

I’m not complaining that they’re dead as these a-holes are mere shit stains in the annals of history.

But what of Obama’s anti-war, blame-America-first base?  What are they to make of Obama’s actions as sheriff, judge and executioner?  And what about Obama, himself?  Has he transformed from a leftist who dislikes America and its military into a person who likes his kick ass war toys? 

I’m really asking all those people who have both Obama and Coexist bumperstickers on their cars.

Those of us who didn’t have a problem with Gitmo, Hellfire, military force and ‘killing people who need killing’ have been vindicated.

But for the others.  How’s that Hopey-Changey-Coexisty “Snuff Out the Bad Guys” thing working for ya?

Update:  Of course the next news out of the third world hellhole would work to knock down one of the premises of this post.  Yesterday NATO captured (not killed) a big al Qaeda/Taliban linked commander.  Notice AP’s story though.  It wasn’t the U.S., it was NATO, which is an interesting construct since the U.S. makes up the major operational force of NATO along with its funding.

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