‘What we are seeing is the modern day equivalent of a Depression…’

22 Sep

‘…the only difference is that instead of having soup lines you have 10 Million people getting unemployment checks in the mail so you don’t see them.’

Thus says Mort Zuckerman on Your World with Neil Cavuto today.  That point about people getting bucks from the government cannot be overstated, as it does take away the visual impact that was characteristic of the Great Depression, where people were starving and selling pencils and standing in soup lines.  The illusion that things might not be that bad is being managed by the state quite effectively, but in fact, things are much worse than they were during the 1930s in many ways.

This will cheer you up and is perfectly framed for a day where the Dow was down 391 points, in other words half a trillion dollars of wealth vaporized today, as stated today by Cavuto in another part of the program.

Your World/Neil Cavuto 9/22/2011

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Posted by on September 22, 2011 in politics


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