“That’s something that we’ll tell our kids about “

21 Sep

That’s the sort of thing people say after historic events.


Natural disasters like Katrina, the Hurricanes and flooding of this year.


Man landing on the moon.

Election of the first African American President.

Speaking of that president, I just got that in an email fundraising drive..

 “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” officially became history. It’s done. That’s something that we’ll tell our kids about — and this President helped finally do it.

No.  He didn’t ‘help do it’.  He just DID IT. It was the result of an Executive Order without the consultation of the Generals, as I recall.

But seriously?  Even if one were to categorize this as an ‘accomplishment’, which I don’t, will there be a V-Gay Day celebrating that date in years to come?

Speaking of dates, the email is still pushing the ‘donate and get a date with the most uninteresting man in the world’ promotion.

As an added bonus, every donation you make before September 30th will automatically enter you to win dinner with President Obama.

OK.  I’ve got to go shower now.  I feel all icky after reading that.

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Posted by on September 21, 2011 in politics


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