The Incredible Power of George Allen

20 Sep

Former Senator George Allen, a man that holds no elected office, apparently still has a vote in Congress according to the Tim Kaine campaign.  Here is an excerpt from an email I just received from the failed Governor and DNC Chairman’s Senate campaign:

According to the Associated Press, “the government’s main disaster relief fund is on track to run dry” by next week — so I wanted to make sure you saw Governor Kaine’s message about the need to pressure Congress to stop with the political gamesmanship and approve emergency funding immediately.  

In Louisa County, Virginia, alone, last month’s earthquake caused more damage than the entire non-capital county budget for 2011-2012.  Now high school and middle school students can only attend classes two or three days per week because there aren’t enough functioning classrooms.  

Fortunately, the Senate passed bipartisan legislation last week to fund disaster relief efforts.  But George Allen, Eric Cantor, and the Tea Partiers in the House of Representatives are holding funding hostage.  These are the same folks who voted for two wars and tax cuts for millionaires without paying for any of it – and now they’re insisting on enacting more spending cuts before they’ll appropriate money to help those impacted by natural disasters.

I have not yet taken sides in the Republican primary for Senate, but any unelected person who can still wield a vote in Congress is a person of super human ability and bears consideration.  Can George Allen also bend spoons with his mind?  You decide.

Oh, and I won’t even quibble about the ‘two wars’ part of the email.

Yes I will.  Hey Timmy, don’t forget about Obama’s adventurism in Libya.  That’s 3 wars.



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