Sometimes it’s the little things that get to you

19 Sep

Sorry for the lack of posts to the blog.  I was out of town on vacation, which was needed, but in actuality I’ve also been in a slump.

Or a funk. 

I admit it. 

Sure, the big things pile up day after day; a pathological president who blatantly steals from the people and then bullies and scolds us that we’re not giving enough to his criminal syndicate in order to further strengthen a government that is becoming more tyrannical by the day.  He enlists people like Warren Buffett to work as his agent to pass income tax hikes on individuals and businesses that earn in excess of $200k per year, while he and Buffett laugh amongst themselves thatWarrenonly pays himself a token salary of $100k per year and won’t be affected by it.   Oh, and there is that $1Billion in back taxes Buffett has been fighting against for years.  Hypocrite.

This president has unleashed every agency of that criminal government syndicate against the people, whether they try to protect their borders, purchase (or not) their own health insurance, build guitars or drill for their own oil.

He has set up a Nazi-esque website where neighbors can turn in their neighbors when they utter dissatisfaction or revolt at the dictator’s excesses, but then demands that we ‘love him’ and asks us out on a date.  If we pay.  Who thinks like this?  This is abusive behavior.

But, you know all of that and for me to blog about it would simply be redundant if you’re a reader of the major blogs.

You know about the stolen money and crony capitalism of the phony ‘green jobs’ that collapsing Solyndra and Lightsquared have revealed. Stay tuned for more.

You know that the president wants to extend unemployment to an unfathomable 3 (plus or minus) years for those who seem to be enjoying their paid vacations at our expense. 

You know that there are now 46 million people on Food Stamps, 1 in 7 Americans as our Secretary of Agriculture brags about that fact.  EBT.  That’s the name for the debit cards that you are paying others to buy groceries and restaurant meals with.  More on that at the end.

ACORN is back in business financed by the national government that pretended to ban it after numerous scandals put it in the national spotlight.

Fannie?  Still there.  Freddie?  Open for Business.

The list goes on and on and on.

But it’s the little things of every day life that pile up and culminate in a sense of frustration so overpowering that one is consumed at just how pervasive we have allowed our government and its leaders to become without much resistance on our part.

This isn’t the stuff in the news, it’s what we suffer though every day.

Environmental/Marxists’ chokehold on government permeate every aspect of our day to day lives:

I buy herbicides that don’t kill weeds or grass, I pay an exterminator a handsome sum every quarter to apply insecticides that don’t kill bugs, I buy household cleaners that don’t clean and laundry detergents that don’t whiten.

I put corn in my automobile’s gas tank.  Ethanol producers are the only consumers of corn that have price protections while those that grow my food are forced to bid amongst themselves (driving up the price of the remaining 60% of the corn supply) to feed the livestock, milk and eggs that will be offered in less quantity at a higher price. 

They are forcing me to purchase light bulbs that don’t provide enough light to read and are a hazardous material when disposed of.

And this ‘green movement’ is everywhere I go.  I can’t get away from it.  I can’t watch a nature show that doesn’t pound the climate change message.  I can’t go to a park without being lectured about what a parasite I am and how my selfish lifestyle is destroying the planet.

I am bombarded with phoney baloney commercials from energy producers being forced to play along with all of this ‘green’ malarkey, knowing that, if they don’t play ball with the thugocracy, they will be the target of a government propaganda campaign and shakedown and that they may well be forced out of business.

It’s the 24/7/365 assault that wears one down.  I think it wears us all down.

And they know it.  And they keep doubling down, calling us out, antagonizing us, taunting us, and turning the thumbscrews tighter by the day. 

So as to reinforce the reasons for my slump, I now bring you EBT.

Welcome to Hope and Change, my friends.  This is your new America.

When the performer says ‘swipe’ he probably doesn’t even understand how ironically truthful he’s being.  Or does he?

H/T: Drudge.

I think I already told this story, but I will again briefly.  My wife was at the grocery store several months back and the manager had to come to the register to approve an EBT purchase and the card holder’s balance flashed up on the screen during the process.  Over a thousand dollars.

But you can buy your own Pringles, though.  And pay for this guy to buy his. 

You’re not paying your fair share, you know.


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3 responses to “Sometimes it’s the little things that get to you

  1. Cheryl of Alexandria

    September 21, 2011 at 5:22 am

    The video was seriously depressing. I was starting to think that we would be okay, that somehow we just have to get to November 2012. Surely I haven’t become so humorless that I don’t see that the video is a parody? Is it?

    Oh, and on top of all the laundry detergent that doesn’t clean, I have my high-efficiency front loader that doesn’t wash as well and leaves all my clothes wrinkled, to boot.


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