September 12th

12 Sep

Sept 11, 2001 is my generation’s Pearl Harbor.  More than any other atrocity in history this one hurts the most because we witnessed it.  It is the only vicious truth of history that we saw firsthand without the veil of indoctrination that has covered our eyes in public education and revisionist history.  Put plainly – we were not prepared for this evil by our fancy public education.

In homage to my forebears I have spent about two years of my life since then deployed…searching for and killing the people that did this.   I have nothing to add to the already touching remembrances of 9/11, but I want to remind everyone of 9/12 and of all the days afterwards.  There were 2,977 victims of Islamic terror in 9/11.  They have been and continue to be avenged.  Back in 2007, USA Today reported that we had killed about 19,000 insurgents in Iraq.  Now some people will tell you, “The real enemy was in Afghanistan!” or “We attacked Iraq for oil!11”  Grow up.  We sent our men and women into hell to find and kill the organization that did this.  Their systems are spread across multiple regions and their power base is not surrounded by a nice clean linear border.  We went to Iraq and they came from miles around to get a piece.  Over the last 8 years a generation of those bastards has come to fight us and died by our (and our allies’) hands.  Have we “made new enemies” by doing this?  Only if you actually believe that none of this would have happened if we had minded our own business.  If you’re in that camp I strongly urge you to buy a plane ticket to Pakistan, Egypt, or Syria and go talk to the locals about the moral equivalence of their cause…idiot.

There have been about 7500 coalition casualties to date in both wars.  We can’t even estimate how many would have died if we had not taken the fight to the enemy.  We have been attacked before, but September 11th was the only attack devastating enough to wake our country up, if only temporarily, to the danger of Islamism.

I don’t say any of this to discourage somber remembrance of the victims of 9/11 or the fallen since, but rather to add a note of triumph.  We haven’t beaten this ideology, but we are killing its adherents in droves all over the world.  Even the President, anti-war until actually being privy to Presidential Intel I’m sure, has continued to kill our enemy.

I won’t declare victory or kick my feet up and relax just yet, but take a moment to savor September 12th.  Have a beer and revel in your freedom to worship who you want and swear and watch Family Guy or whatever it is you do that Sharia would snuff out in a second.  We’ve earned it.

God bless America and God help our enemies.

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