9-11-2001 War of the worlds?

10 Sep

On 9-11-2001 I was working as a contract salesman for AT&T Broadband selling high speed cable modem Internet. As a contractor I worked from home in a bedroom turned home office. My mornings consisted of completing reports and lining up sale calls. That day I was busy working away without any connection to the news of the day. When I finally climbed into my truck to commence my day of selling I tuned into NPR and I was confused by the report of all domestic flights being grounded. What in the world could cause all air traffic to be grounded. The news was hard to comprehend, the reports of the day were confusing and a little befuddling. I kept thinking that the news reports were not real but some sort of modern day Orson Wells War of the Worlds spoof. After a couple of phone calls and finally being able to see the burning and collapsing towers of the WTC on TV I knew it was no spoof but was the act of terrorist who would happily kill themselves if their efforts would kill the American infidels. That day changed us forever and taught us that there is a high price to be paid for tolerating those who are intolerable.

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Posted by on September 10, 2011 in politics


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