OK. This isn’t Funny anymore

08 Sep

We were near the epicenter of the Great Quake of 2011.

We survived Hurricane Irene the next week.  Power outages and misery abounded.

Tonight we just had the remnants of Lee (I think) drown us.  We’re flooding big time.  My adirondack chairs just floated away and the water is the highest I’ve ever seen it.  White water is flowing through my vegetable garden right now.  Went out to the road and almost couldn’t get out of my driveway due to the torrent rushing down Scotchtown Road.

Drove down Scotchtown towards the spillway of my lake which had been rocking and rolling earlier this afternoon due to a lot of rain over the last few days, but now the road is completely flooded out for at least 200 yards.  I lived here for 6 years and I’ve seen nothing like it.

Obama is supposed to show up in nearby Richmond tomorrow for his first ‘Help Me Save My Job’ rally at the University of Richmond, but I suspect the airport will be closed and he’ll be a no show.  Unless he brings Marine One, but I suspect the Good Lord will make travel dicey and attendees will be stymied.  Route 54 in Hanover is closed as the South Anna river has swallowed the bridge.

Lord, I have a sense of humor.  But really.  This is getting too be less than humorous.

Gotta go.  Time to go check the water level.

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One response to “OK. This isn’t Funny anymore

  1. Rev. Paul

    September 9, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    In seminary, a Scottish professor taught on the concept of “the Lord won’t give you more than you can handle.” Then he said, “But sometimes, I wish He’d nae have such a high opinion of me.”


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