A Message to Conservatives

08 Sep

Not my message, Dr. James Lacey’s message.  Dr. Lacey is a lot of things, but the one I know him for is his role as the Director of the War Policy and Strategy Program at the Marine Corps University.  Yes, Marines are interested in education.  Surprise.

In his recent article in National Review Online, Dr. Lacey stands proud as a conservative and highlights some of the vile hypocrisies of the left…something I wish our candidates would do this election season.  Every time someone brings up images of Republicans pushing old people off of a cliff, blow up their spot:

…malnutrition is not the only problem afflicting Africa and other poor regions of the world. Among the greatest scourges is malaria, which infects 250 million and kills 1 million every year. In fact, in Africa, one in every five childhood deaths is a result of malaria. If you are a reader of average speed, then consider that ten to twelve children will have died from malaria between the time you started this article and the time you finish it. None of this is necessary. Malaria was vanquished in the United States and Europe through the copious use of DDT. But this blessing has been denied poor African nations because Rachel Carson in her 1962 book Silent Springblamed DDT for killing eagles and other birds.

Strong stuff.  I bet if you crunch the numbers, liberal policies are probably responsible for more black deaths than slavery was on any given year.  The points made in the article make me wonder if Dr. Lacey read Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny.  Either way, these primary debates are a rare time that the media is tuning in to cover conservative policy discussions.  Wouldn’t it be glorious to hear a candidate deflect a liberal moderator, in front of thousands of people never before exposed to these truths, into this:

Instead, we let leftist-dominated teachers’ unions run an education system that ensures half of the students trapped in it will be unemployable upon graduation. When these unions are called to account, they attack the critics as wanting to hurt the children. For how much longer will unions be allowed to claim they are “all about the children,” while in fact they are wrecking those children’s futures and condemning many of them to spend the rest of their lives in poverty? And why am I called a child-hating racist for daring to point out the truth?

I’ve already clipped more than I should.  If you’re new to these ideas or find yourself occasionally frustrated by liberals “holier than thou” policy proclamations you should click through and read it.  Hell, even if you’re familiar with the thoughts its always good to brush up on the sheer destructiveness of liberal policies throughout the world.  For every time we get called racist we should be right there saying, oh yeah?  What about the 46.5% unemployment for black teenagers under your economic policies?  What about the millions of blacks dying or going blind in Africa because of your environmentalist nonsense?  Call them on this crap – its not enough to be a strong conservative, we need you to be willing to defeat the new left in the realm of ideas.

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Posted by on September 8, 2011 in politics


One response to “A Message to Conservatives

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr

    September 8, 2011 at 6:50 am

    Of course, you’re only referring to the blacks that liberals allow to be born in the first place. Isn’t the abortion rate amongst the African American community nearly 60% in NYC?

    No question that liberals have much blood on their hands. They are responsible for millions of deaths. They banned DDT. They protect crocodiles but not the people who are killed by crocodiles. They put us in unsafe, lightweight automobiles to promote ridiculous mileage standards.

    Liberalism kills.


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