President Obama’s address to Congress, job plan or NFL season preview?

07 Sep

President Obama has an excellent opportunity to secure his future employment if he can rise to the occasion while addressing a joint session of congress on September 8th. Instead of spewing out more of the same sure to fail ideas to try to create jobs and improve our economy to an American electorate that has clearly decided that this president has us on the wrong track and has no confidence that he can lead us out of the malaise, Barry should take this opportunity to audition for a job as analyst for ESPN. Despite not always accurately predicting the outcome, no one can deny that he has been an impressive analyst of sporting events. Whether it was the NCAA tournament or the Superbowl, Obama has never appeared as competent and enthusiastic as when he is breaking down big time sporting events.

Therefore I am calling on Obama to spend an hour this Thursday night speaking on a topic he actually knows something about, breaking down the upcoming 2011-2012 NFL season complete with his predictions for division, conference, and Superbowl winners. Think of it as an ESPN audition, given Obama’s collapsing approval ratings, it appears he is going to be looking for work by early 2013.


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Posted by on September 7, 2011 in Barack Obama, Obama, politics


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