The Post Office is doomed to fail as Obama intervenes to craft a fix.

06 Sep

Remember back in October of 2009 when Obama intervened to bring the Olympic games to his hometown of Chicago =FAIL, or when he personally went to Copenhagen to intervene in the climate summit to inspire the world’s leaders to come to an historic agreement to reduce emmissions = FAIL, or the countless late election interventions for Martha Coakley, Governor Corzine, Creigh Deeds, and Tom Periello = FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, and FAIL.

Well now that the United States Post Office and it’s declining receipts and expanding retirement liabilities is on the brink of default (much like Martha Coakley, their demise is largely self inflicted) it is Obama to the rescue. According to Rueters, our dear leader has pledged to craft a fix. The president wants Congress to delay for 90 days a $5.5 billion retiree health benefits payment due this month so he can carefully work through the details and develop a proposal.

As usual, the Obama administration prefers to wait until this predictable situation reaches a crisis (see Rham Emmanuel) level before addressing this issue leading Senator Susan Collins to complain saying,”I just don’t understand why the administration doesn’t have a concrete plan to put before us today given the dire straits that we’re in”.

Talk show host Mark Levin said it best when commenting on Obama’s reverse Midas touch stating, “whatever Obama touches, turns to crap”. On a day when Gallup released new poll numbers showing that the number of uninsured Americans has increased since the passage of Obamacare, the president has committed the resources of his administration to do for the USPS what they did for Solyndra Inc.


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