Did Obama and the Democrats Force an End to the Verizon Strike? Not saying that he did, but…

21 Aug

Or, more pointedly, whatever happened to Strike pay?

“Going more than two weeks without pay can be very difficult for middle-class families,” said Richard Hatch, Executive Vice President for CWA Local 2201. “The sacrifice is worth it when you are fighting for your jobs and fighting for the middle-class lifestyle.”

The Communication Workers of America exact heavy union dues from its members, and in the past those dues were partially used for Strike Pay.  It sounds like that is no longer the case.  So what good are the unions and what benefit do they provide to their members?   Not much. 

They’re a slush fund for Democrats plain and simple.

Obama needs the dough to fight of his impending defeat.

Here is a list of CWA’s donations over the last few years, care of

Cycle Total Democrats Republicans             
2012 $714,190 $359,190 $10,000            
2010 $3,051,265 $2,005,765 $34,000             
2008 $2,244,877 $2,188,377 $34,000            

Barack and his Merry Socialist Pranksters need the dough, so get back to work peasants.

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