Dear GOP Candidates

20 Aug

First of all, I would like to thank you for having the guts to put yourselves out in front of the wrecking ball of the media.  They don’t like you and they don’t want you to win so don’t even waste your time trying to make them think you can be friends.  Its saying a lot that on the shallow end of their attacks they will call you a racist and an uneducated warmonger.  I can’t imagine what the deep end looks like.

So they’re going to attack you.  Screw ’em.  You’re not running to appease people that watch MSNBC and HLN…as if you could.  What we need you to do is extraordinarily simple.  We need you to tie everything together for everyone.  We need you to make people understand that our fiscal policy is inextricably tied to our national security, and our national security is glued to our domestic policy…that single issue voting is nonsense and it always has been.  We live in a world of systems rather than simple machines.  Americans can be tricked into thinking that its all about the environment, or defense, or social security.  They can be lied to; told that there is no threat from China, Russia, and the Middle East.  Told that they pay too little for electricity. Told that the world they want to live in is somehow unjust and that it must change dramatically for the good of all mankind.  Its all tied together though and we need you to make that connection loud and clear because if you don’t understand the interconnections then you don’t belong in the White House.

Democrats are responsible for the economy, but so are Republicans.  This isn’t a contradiction because there are statists in both parties that think they were elected to make people’s decisions for them from on high in Washington.  Don’t be afraid to lay the GOP out along with the Democrats.  Don’t tie yourself to a sinking ship for the sake of a nomination.  We’re looking for a candidate that we haven’t seen in a long time and you need to build us a background that shows you’re not afraid to tear down the house that has been built and renew American Individualism with serious constraints on our Federal Government.  If only you would build it, we would come.

Don’t worry about “Independents”, whatever they are.  Take a stand on things and explain your position in plain terms.  Pro-Life?  Awesome, tell people why without sounding like a politician.  Want to cut spending?  Me too, but we aren’t going to able to cut anything if we can’t get people to understand why America is unsustainable.  Wow that is hard to read.  America is unsustainable, but only if we continue to lie to ourselves and follow the unconstitutional precedents that have been set by our forbears.  Social security as it stands is a fraud.  Don’t lie to people and tell them you’re going to salvage a fraud and make it into a sustainable fraud.  Get out of the business of retirement planning…you suck at it.  Don’t focus-group test your statements.  Know where you stand on things and tell us the truth.  If that loses you the nomination then it wasn’t meant to be.

WTF tax code.  I’ll vote for the person that says they’re going to end our tax code without reservation.  Did we send you to D.C. to make our decisions for us?  To nudge us in the “right” direction?  Hell no we didn’t.  Our tax code does so much to twist market forces right now that its sickening.  If you can’t get our tax code down to under 100 pages (I’m being generous) then you’re doing it wrong.  How much legal language does it really take to say, “Everyone will pay this percentage of their income.”  End all these other random taxes too.  I swear, every dollar I make is taxed a dozen times before it gets to me.  Its even worse if I want to hire someone.  The government is the only thing between Americans and financial success and that must end.  Articulate the way ahead and you’re a winner.

Keep us safe.  You have no greater responsibility than to defend us from our enemies, and they do exist.  They are not bogeymen manufactured to pass defense policy despite what liberals seem to believe.  Provide them the luxury to keep being so ignorant of the threats to our nation…its your job.  Don’t use threats of danger to push policy either – keep us prepared to respond to a threat with deadly force at a moments notice.  It is the only way peace for Americans is possible.  On the subject, fix our defense contracting mess.  Why are we throwing away millions on crap that we don’t even know if we’ll need and not spending money on things we know are essential?  Why do we allow contractors to break construction up over as many states as possible to ensure Congressmen won’t defund them?  Its bullshit and it has to stop.  Take all of that waste and use it to make our troops better equipped for the basics…better boots, body armor, and weapons.  We need a technological edge too, but keep your head on your damn shoulders about it.

In summary, you can’t be everything to everyone.  Independantism, whatever that is, can’t save America.  We need a leader that knows who they are, tells us who they are, and unleashes our economy from the burden of our government.  We can’t fix inequalities, but we can stop pretending to be responsible for equality.  Don’t let liberals set the rules for debate, challenge their premise before you answer their questions.  Above all, don’t pretend that we can right this ship with a clever mix of statism and free-market principles.  You don’t need to attack Barack Obama, you need to defeat his ideology.  The man is a statist and if you can destroy the notion that statism will cause anything but poverty in this nation you’ll have my vote and my wallet.



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Posted by on August 20, 2011 in politics


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