Two Virginia Counties make CNN/Money’s Top 25 Job Creators…

19 Aug

And Timmy Kaine rushes in to try to take credit for it.

“I want to congratulate Loudoun and Prince William on earning the distinction as two of the top 25 locations in the nation for job growth. As CNN highlights, these counties maintained and even improved their status despite a tough economy through smart fiscal decisions that protected their credit ratings and strategic investments in areas like infrastructure that created jobs. This balanced approach of fiscal restraint combined with investments to spur job growth helped me, as Virginia’s Governor, recruit new companies to the Commonwealth and maintain our reputation as the best state for business.”

Mind you, he hasn’t been Governor for a year and a half.  And he was a part-time Governor for the last year of his regime, acting concurrently as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

No, Tim.  You may not rush in to take credit for something that the Counties did themselves.

One last point.  Both of these counties are within commuting distance to the national Capitol, therefore it is highly likely that many of the jobs that were created have something to do with the exponential growth of the national government, either directly or indirectly.  Federal jobs, federal contracts and suppliers undoubtedly play a large role in these counties’ success, so the award has dubious underpinnings. 

But, that having been said, congratulations anyway.


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