Virginia Democrats: Fighting the Last War?

18 Aug

Governors in Virginia may serve only one term, so why are Democrats wasting their time and money trashing Governor Bob McDonnell?  Never mind that they’re wrong on the facts, which they are, but what is the point exactly? 

Are they trying to cover up for the last Governor, Timmy Kaine, who bankrupted the Commonwealth and is now the Democrat candidate for U. S. Senate?  Using that kind of circular logic it all makes sense, if you can lower your brain power to a Democrat’s level.  

Just like Obama, Timmy Kaine cannot run on his record as Governor.  He was a horrible, big spending, big taxing, big regulating Democrat.  He’s a Democrat so that comes with the territory.

He was also disasterous as Chairman of the national Democratic Party, presiding over one of the most devastating sweeps from power ever for a political party.

The only arrow in the Democrat’s quiver is character assassination and they are itching to lash out. 

Their problem is target selection.

Or maybe this is in relation to the statewide races for the Virginia Assembly this year?  That’s more immediate, but connecting this video to any of those particular races is a stretch.  Plus, McDonnell is polling very well in most of the state so he’s more likely to help Republicans statewide than hurt them.

Anybody have any idea what I was supposed to glean from this other than McDonnell=Bad?


One response to “Virginia Democrats: Fighting the Last War?

  1. Pedro

    August 18, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Interesting that they pulled in a headline from the Washington Examiner. Clever to cite a conservative rag.


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