President Advocates for a New Form of Government for America

08 Aug

This is an absolute must read from Tony Katz over at PJ Tatler.

We’ve known this all along, but Tony does a terrific job rehashing the history and coupling it with his more recent statements.

President Obama is actively engaging in a pre-meditated attack on the United States Constitution, and the American way of life.  His words are not missteps, like 57 states or the insulting inability to properly pronounce the word corpsman.  Obama is attempting to plant the seed into the already vitriolic and boisterous Progressives that the problem with America is the thing that makes America great – the rule of law that does not allow government to rule us.  (A very disappointing note for Valerie Jarrett, whose slip of the tongue before Inauguration Day may have been more telling about Obama’s desires than we realize.)

While Progressives, the main stream media and Obama devotees will attack this thesis, the words of the president throughout his known history can not be undone, or misconstrued.  Obama has an obvious dislike for the Constitution, and, as president, a true hatred for the things that get in his way – like the rule of law, and Congress, and open debate, and the Tea Party, and questions from the press or others Americans.

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Posted by on August 8, 2011 in politics


One response to “President Advocates for a New Form of Government for America

  1. Chris Nowlin

    August 8, 2011 at 10:18 am

    An absolute must read for all, The Red and The Blue! Is this really what you wanted, a Progressive Ideological “Dick”-tator?


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