U. S. Suffers it’s Second Major Downgrade in less than Three Years

05 Aug

The first national downgrade, of course, was when the drooling populace, many of whom have no skin in the game and no freaking clue, voted for this GODAWFUL president out of a sense of fantasy or guilt or out of anti-Bush sentiment or out of…who the hell cares.  You all screwed up.  BIG TIME.  I demand an apology.  But I digress.

But tonight’s news is that Standard and Poors downgraded our credit rating from AAA to AA+, in spite of the fact that this GODAWFUL Congress and this GODAWFUL president decided that it was better to raise our national blood alcohol level so as to not get ourselves charged with drunk driving.  That’s an interpretation of a line from Huckabee today.

You get the drift.

The calls for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to resign are being drowned out by the calls for Nero to resign. 

Forget re-election.  It’s over for you.  Fuggedaboudit.

And I still demand an apology from those of you who voted for this guy.

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Posted by on August 5, 2011 in politics


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