Rasmussen: Obama in Freefall

02 Aug

Scott Rasmussen was just on Varney & Company talking about Obama’s mounting number of negative polls.

Exhibit A:

Since July 2009, the number Strongly Approving of the president’s performance has ranged from a low of 23% to a high of 31%.  By comparison, 43% Strongly Approved of the president’s performance in January 2009, the month he took office.

The number of voters who Strongly Disapprove of the president’s performance increased three points to 41% in July.  The number of voters who Strongly Disapproved has ranged from 36% to 44% since July 2009.

Among voters not affiliated with either party, 17% Strongly Approve and 41% Strongly Disapprove of Obama’s job performance.

Exhibit B:

On November 2008, the month of Barack Obama’s election, 41.4% self identified as being Democrats.

July 2011?  34.8%  Barack Obama is not only a disaster to his country.  He’s a disaster to his party.  

All is not well for the opposition party, though.  They didn’t pick up any numbers during the same time frame, shedding 3/10%.  The big winner are those that identify themselves as ‘Other’, buttressing the feeling that many people wish a pox upon both houses.  That category went from 24.7% to 32.1%

Exhibit C:

This just released at noon today by Rasmussen.

The Rasmussen Employment Index, which measures workers’ perceptions of the labor market each month, fell nearly eight points in July to the lowest level since March.

At 70.1, the Employment Index is down seven points from the beginning of the year and down 13 points since last November when hiring expectations peaked. Generally speaking, a decline in the Rasmussen Employment Index suggests the upcoming government reports on job creation will be worse than prior months.

Can Obama maintain enough composure to remember to pull the ripcord and does he trust the person who packed his parachute?

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