MSNBC sucks so I’ll do the analysis for them…

29 Jul

Alright, let’s do this…

 The Republican-controlled House on Friday evening passed Speaker John Boehner’s revised bill to raise the debt ceiling, cut spending and call for a balanced-budget amendment, sending it to the Democratic-controlled Senate, where leaders said it would be thwarted.

The bill passed 218-210, with no Democratic support.

The short-term, $900 billion increase in the nation’s borrowing limit also contains $917 billion in spending cuts over a decade.

So another bill passed the House with no Democratic support.  Shocker.  What heinous concessions does this Republican bill ask for?  Well it asks for about 4 months of debt ceiling increase in exchange for equivalent cuts in the current budget and some consideration for cutting spending, capping growth to GDP, and balancing our budget against requirements.  If you’re a big government type, that’s like someone pissing in your Cheerios.  “We want to permanently confine the government’s fiscal growth to about 19% of GDP.”  Sounds awfully damn reasonable to me…

Senate Democrats vow to block it in favor of a longer-term $2.5 trillion debt limit increase with about $2.2 trillion in spending cuts.

Riiiight.  Obama is weak sauce and you know that if he has to talk fiscal policy during his reelection campaign, he’s sunk.  Better tuck this problem away safely on the back shelf for the next 18+ months so he doesn’t have to defend the expansion of government that has occurred on his watch.

Rep. Kathy Hochul, D-NY, told the House before the vote, “Never, never has there been an intentional disaster perpetrated by the very people who were sent here to be the caretakers of this country. … Am I really supposed to tell the greatest generation that when they passed us the torch, we dropped it because we couldn’t compromise?”

What about the next generation?  Are your talking points really this two dimensional?  If I ask a WWII vet to choose between himself and his great granddaughter he will laugh in my face every time.  You know why?  The choice was made long ago, but you’re just too dumb and selfish to understand.  If you have a kid, you live your life for them.  The thought of someone leeching off of the future you’re working to provide for your kids would make any honest person mad beyond reason.  Rep Kathy Hochul is an idiot.  In your face NY.

“Any solution must be bipartisan,” said Obama from the Diplomatic Room at the White House. “We’re in rough agreement,” said the president. “There are plenty of ways out of this mess.”

Yeah, the GOP offered like 5 of them over the last 2 years.  Funny how running the government without a budget wasn’t a problem for you when it made your progressive redistribution agenda work.  Now that someone is standing in the middle of the road yelling that if we don’t stop we’re screwed you’re talking about, “plenty of ways out of this mess.”  Yep.  The Republicans just passed another one tonight.  Grow a pair and read it to the Senate.

“The time for putting party first is over,” he added. “It’s time to step up and show the leadership the American people expect.”

Dude, really?  Empty suit.  My son would make a better leader than you – at least he hasn’t learned to lie to my face…yet.

He later reiterated his call to action on Twitter: “The time for putting party first is over. If you want to see a bipartisan #compromise, let Congress know. Call. Email.Tweet. –BO”

How’d that work out brother?  What?  40,000 people unsubscribed to your demagoguery?  I…am…shocked.

I have an idea.  Let’s raise the debt limit high enough to carry us about 3-4 months out with the commensurate cuts in government to ensure we aren’t just floating the cost of doing business.  Contingent on passage, an amendment must be sent to the states for review – detailing a plan to curtail future spending to 19% of GDP or less.  This process would of course need to be debated in every pub and living room in America….hell it would almost be like the American people had a voice in it.  Then we vote…democracy style.  Does that sound reasonable Mr. President?  Harry?

That’s the Republican plan in a nutshell.  Any amendment to the Constitution would ensure healthy debate over the necessity of its contents.  If the American people are on record as being against limitless spending the progressive agenda is dead.  The Democrats must stop the legislation that leaves the house from getting into the body politic at all costs because it is their death sentence.

Good riddance.


One response to “MSNBC sucks so I’ll do the analysis for them…

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr

    July 29, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    I have to admit that when Emperor Narcissus came on this morning, AGAIN, for another scold session, I assumed it would be a repeat of all the other scold sessions. In the interest of my television, I felt it best to gently press the OFF button.

    OK. that’s not quite true. I mumbled an explicative or two or three and firmly press the OFF button.


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