Obama Prepares his OJ defense/Re-election bid. Republicans Prepare to play Mark Fuhrman.

28 Jul

Just like sensible people know that OJ was guilty of murdering Nicole and Ron Goldman, sensible people know that Obama is responsible for this horrible economy and debt.  But somehow the defense in the OJ case was able to shift the focus away from OJ to what a terrible person Detective Mark Fuhrman was and OJ won the day.

And, just like sensible people know that Casey Anthony was guilty of murdering her little daughter, somehow the defense in the Anthony case was able to shift the focus away from Casey to what a terrible person Casey’s father was and Casey walked away a free woman.

Sensible people know that Obama and the Democrats have taken this economy to the brink with wild-eyed spending, spiteful attacks on business, class warfare rhetoric and hate, and have caused MILLIONS of people to lose their jobs, their homes and their small businesses.

So, Obama and the Democrats, the defendants in the 2012 election, have John Boehner running on the wheel like a hamster, presenting bill after bill to increase the debt ceiliing, trying to introduce some sanity into the process, and each bill is weaker than needed and each bill is weaker than the bill that preceded it.  And each is rejected by Democrats.

And all the while, Obama and Harry Reid are grinning amongst themselves.  They see that Boehner is falling for the trick and when they put on their defense next year they’ll be able to cast the Republicans as Mark Fuhrman and Casey Anthony’s dad.

Ultimately, a bill so toothless as to be insignificant will be offered up and accepted by Democrats, who will label our new economy as the ‘Austere Republican Economy’.

Democrats are setting up the Republicans to take responsibility for an economy that they engineered, unemployment that they created, misery, anger, frustration and desperation that is of their design, but now that Republicans are part of the process Obama will now shift from the thread bare meme that it’s Bush’s economy to it’s the Bush/Boehner/Republican economy.

Maybe, just maybe, at this point, the Republicans should throw up their hands, give Democrats what they want and let them own the whole damned thing. 

It’s a suck ass scenario, but it may be a better politically than giving Democrats what they want while the they get to pretend that the budget is the fault of the Republicans.

Democrats did it.  Let them own this economy it in entirety.

Then sensible people can sweep the criminals out of office and take a chain saw to what the Democrats have wrought and cast them into political oblivion for at least a decade, providing them lodging and meals in a gated community, in some cases.

Sorry.  That was a rant, but I’m feeling disillusioned and demoralized tonight.  Conservatives are too nice to play with Marxists and we have a history of grasping defeat out of the jaws of victory.  Again and again.


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3 responses to “Obama Prepares his OJ defense/Re-election bid. Republicans Prepare to play Mark Fuhrman.

  1. Dave C

    July 28, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    Thank you..

    I’m tired of reading at NRO that it’s all the TP Republican’s fault.

    I had my own rant or two today as well.

  2. Saddlesore

    July 29, 2011 at 11:32 am

    I think it is time for the Republicans to do the following: Stop trying to craft any legislation at all to address this problem and take the position that the President has the OMB and entire Treasury Department at his disposal to craft a solution to this problem. Then and only then, when the President comes up with a plan in legislative language that can be introduced as legislation the House will give it an up or down vote expeditiously. Force Obama to put his cards on the table. If he did so not even the Democrats in the Senate will vote for it. Obama’s loss will be the nation’s gain.

  3. Dean K. Ehran

    July 29, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    If the glove fits, you must acquit? No!

    The GOP passed numerous proposals. Our fiscal process requires both houses to play. The House has done more than its part (almost entirely due to Demint and Paul IMO) and now its time for the Senate to sack up and earn its pay.

    Dear Senate,

    Debate one of the House proposals or you’re fired.



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