The King’s Speech

25 Jul

I took out a fresh notepad in preparation for the big speech so that I could write down anything new and interesting that he said in order to quote it on a fresh blog post.

The notepad is still blank.

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One response to “The King’s Speech

  1. Pedro

    July 26, 2011 at 10:06 am

    I deliberately avoided Fox news in order to keep my news feed fair and balanced. I watched CNN for about 90 minutes of run up to the speech and I must say it was enlightening to hear the former Secretary of Labor espouse his reasoning for the lifting of the debt ceiling. Definitely non-partisan coming from a Union sympathizer.

    Wolf Blitzer only remarked 6 or 7 times that “the Republicans want to slash Medicare and Social Security”.

    Some other reporter filled us in on another reporter’s research that indicated that Boehner’s plan would still result in an S&P downgrade, while Reid’s would not.

    Then I heard the POTUS evoke Ronald Reagan’s and George W Bush’s repeat lifting of the debt ceiling. Interestingly, he stated that Reagan raised it 18 times and Bush 8 times. Well it seemed a little contradictory that they were not kicking the can down the road, and a combined 26 raises was deemed justifiable to keep the nation in gear, but this POTUS is not going to accept a short term lift.

    He is demanding 1 single lifting that he can keep pumping dollars through unchallenged. What’s good for Reagan is good for Obama except…. Obama does not want to keep the nation in gear while a bigger deal is sorted out. It is glaringly apparent to me that he simply wants to put it behind him and get on with the continued spending and campaigning.

    Why am I not hearing any other voices regarding his contradictions?

    The rich must pay their share. Well, perhaps there are some loopholes that could be closed. I am not rich and I do feel that some of the upper echelon are dodging – folks like Al Sharpton. So, maybe there is some room for compromise although I doubt that’s what Obama really has in mind.

    He may have made a mistake in asking the American people to lean on their representatives. I am leaning hard but I am not pushing his agenda on my Congressmen and Senators. I am pushing for a balanced approach that demands spending cuts, not some open ended promise of cuts after the big O leaves office – hopefully in January of 2013.

    He is a very glib snake, methinks.


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