This little President just called you out

23 Jul

Tonight he said that the GOP was boxed in by its base, which means that the GOP is doing the wll of the people, and he has no regard for the people.
He also ORDERED that our representatives prostrate themselves before him in the White House tomorrow at 11.  This is Our White House, not his. 
We need to be there TOMORROW before 11 to support those that are actually doing the work we asked them to do.  The Tea Party sent a seismic shock throughout the country and changed the landscape, but now that this little obama has called us out, scolded those who would dare listen to us and is determined to put us in our place there is only ONE thing to do.
I’m headed to DC to surround MY White House TOMORROW at 10am to make sure that our reps get the support they need to tell this little obama that we won’t be bullied.
Don’t forget to think about hydration.  It’s going to be wicked hot.

This blowback on obama’s showdown is a last minute thing, I realize, but this is the time for us to represent all of those familiy and friends that cannot drop by in DC at a moment’s notice.
I’m doing this for my family in Nevada. 
Do you have family that would like you to represent them in this budget showdown? 
An unexpected uprising is good for the soul.  Nothing is more American.
Tell your friends.  
Let’s roll.

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Posted by on July 23, 2011 in politics


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