While Republicans are Battling to Save the Country from Financial Disaster…

14 Jul

…House Democrats are fighting….STYROFOAM!!

And losing.

Jim Moran (D-VA) proposed an amendment to the 2012 Budget Appropriations bill to ban styrofoam service ware from the House cafeteria because of two reasons;

  • It is not environmentally sustainable.
  • Styrofoam cups are made by Dixie, a company owned by the sinister Koch Brothers.


Moran said the House of Representatives was forcing the government to purchase Styrofoam cups, which he said were not environmentally sustainable, and which were produced by Koch Industries, a company headed by two brothers who support a variety of conservative causes.

“As soon as the Republicans took over the House of Representatives, they threw out all of the biodegradable utensils we were using in the cafeterias and they required us to buy Styrofoam cups and plates and so on that are manufactured by Dixie and, in fact, this is part of Koch Industries,” Moran said.  

The certifiably insane Moran happens to be wrong about the supplier and the cups actually come from one of the Koch Brothers’ competitors.

Nonetheless, his amendment was defeated in Committee along party lines.  House Republicans junked Nancy Pelosi’s moronic Green the Capitol initiative as soon as they took over, where the House Cafeteria was serving on products made from Corn Starch.  Democrats love to use corn for anything but eating.

This wonderful little spokesperson sings the praises of Green the Capitol to a group of young people who appear to be bored out of their skulls.  Enjoy. 

And thank me for not posting the video of Nancy Pelosi announcing the program.  I have a mean streak, but I’m not sadistic.  You people have been punished enough over the last few years.


Posted by on July 14, 2011 in politics


2 responses to “While Republicans are Battling to Save the Country from Financial Disaster…

  1. Saddlesore

    July 14, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    The capitol understands green alright… in the green of our money.


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